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The forty-third annual meeting of the Shipwrecked Fishermen and Mariners' Royal Benevolent Society took place yesterday week at the Mansion House, Captain the Hon. Sir Francis Maude occupying the chair, in the absence of the Lord Mayor. The report of the committee for 1881 showed that that year had been of a most disastrous character both to shipping and to sailors, with all the consequent distress to widows and orphans. The total number of persons helped under the constitution of the society amounted during the year to 14,235, giving altogether an increase of 1101 upon the number for 1880. The pressing demands thus made upon the society's benevolence resulted in a total issue of 30,174 in relief, exceeding by nearly 5000 that for 1880.

Source: The Illustrated London News, No.2256—Vol. LXXXI, Saturday, July 29, 1882, p.128