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Hall for University Students at Manchester

The Victoria University of Manchester, as many of our readers are aware, has arisen from Owens College, a flourishing institution which was founded in that city above thirty years ago, by a large bequest of money from the late Mr. John Owens. The need of establishing halls of residence for the students at this University has been generally recognised, but the first of such establishments, now occupying Dalton Hall, which was formally opened three weeks ago, owes its existence to the Quakers, or Society of Friends. Its benefits, however, are not restricted to students belonging to that religious communion. The institution has been in existence nearly six years, under the superintendence of Mr. Theodore Neild, B.A., occupying three houses in Lloyd-street, Greenheys, very near the handsome range of buildings in Oxford-road erected for Owens' College, now styled the Victoria University. Being so far satisfied with the experiment, the Society decided two years ago to erect a building specially for the purpose. A site was secured in Victoria Park, Rusholme, and, designs having been prepared by Mr. T.G. Redmayne, of King-street, Manchester, a contract for the building was entered into with Messrs. W. Southern and Son, of Salford. The building is a few yards from the Upper Brook-street entrance to Victoria Park, just behind St. Chrysostom's Church, and is within ten or twelve minutes' walk from the University and College. It is called the Dalton Hall, after the late Dr. Dalton, who was a member of the Society of Friends. It is a handsome-looking brick structure, with a frontage to Conyngham-road, the rear of the premises upon Anson-road. Over the main entrance the motto of the Society "Knowledge and Reverence," is indicated by the familiar quotation from Tennyson. The building affords accommodation for thirty students, each of whom has a separate study and bed-room. There are also a spacious dining-room, library, reading-room, and class-rooms, together with a residence for the Principal (Mr. Neild) and family. In the basement there is ample pace for bicycle sheds, workshops, and other purposes; and there is a considerable space of ground which may be used for cricket and lawn tennis playing. The building itself has cost 8450, but the land and the furniture will bring up the total expenditure to about 12,000. The opening ceremony, on the 3rd inst, was attended by the Bishop of Manchester, the Mayor of Manchester, Sir J.W. Pease, M.P., Mr. Henry Lee, M.P., Mr. Alfred Neild, Chairman of the Council of Owens College, Principal Greenwood, Vice-Chancellor of the Victoria University, and others, who addressed the meeting in speeches of commendation and encouragement. There is to be a Hall for members of the Church of England at this University.

Source: The Illustrated London News, No.2256—Vol. LXXXI, Saturday, July 29, 1882, p.110

Dalton Hall

Dalton Hall, Residence for Students of Victoria University, Manchester.