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The will (dated Sept. 23, 1881), with a codicil (dated April 1, 1882), of Mr. Robert Parry Nisbet, J.P., D.L., formerly of the Bengal Civil Service, but late of Southbroome House, Devizes, Wilts, who died on May 31 last, was proved on the 17th inst. by John Hervey Astell, Henry Curtis Nisbet, and the Rev. John Marjoribanks Nisbet, the nephews, and Miss Caroline Sibella Nisbet, the daughter, the executors, the value of the personal estate exceeding 52,000. The testator leaves his property at Dinapore, East Indies, upon trust, for his five daughters; 50 to be expended in coals and blankets, to be distributed among the poor of Southbroome, and 1 to each of the inmates of the almshouses near to the lodge gates of his residence. There are also pecuniary legacies to each of his daughters, varying in amount, and also to his sons-in-law, goddaughter, friends, executors, and servant. The residue of his property is to be held upon trust as to one moiety for each of his daughters, Caroline Sibella and Jane Tarry, for life or until marriage; in the event of their marriage, portions are provided for them; and the ultimate residue is to go to all his five daughters. The deceased sat in the House of Commons as member for Chippenham from 1856 to 1859.

Source: The Illustrated London News, No.2256—Vol. LXXXI, Saturday, July 29, 1882, p.128