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Wills and Bequests: Stevenson

The will (dated Dec. 5, 1879) of Mrs. Mary Stevenson, late of Clyde House, Westcombe Park, Blackheath, who died on May 26 last, was proved on the 24th ult. by Leader Cox Stevenson, the son, and Henry Boyes, the acting executors, the value of the personal estate exceeding 42,000. The testatrix leaves 4500 to her daughter, Mrs. Soames, 3500 each to her daughters, Mrs. Alice Booth Sturt, Mrs. Beazely, Mrs. Betts, and Mrs. Catherine Sturt; 2000 to her son Charles Joseph; 1500, upon trust, for the husband and son of her late daughter Mrs. Roche; legacies to her executors and coachman; certain Bank shares, 3500, and one half of the residue of her property to her son Leader Cox; and all her freehold, copyhold, and leasehold property at Taunton, 3500, and the other half of the residue of her property to her son George.

Source: The Illustrated London News, No.2256—Vol. LXXXI, Saturday, July 29, 1882, p.128