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National Sports

On Tuesday, the Royal Yacht Squadron Regatta began with the race for the Queen's Cup. There were seven starters, and, after a capital struggle, the Waterwitch came in first, the Sleuthound second, and the Alruna third; but the Sleuthound takes the cup on her time allowance.

The champion medal of the Grand National Archery Meeting was won on Thursday week by Mr. Palairet, and the lady champions' bracelet by Mrs. Piers Legh, whose respective scores were 885 and 750. Prizes for second scores were awarded to Mr. R. Walters (884) and Mrs. Marshall (685). Greatest number of golds, Miss Isabella Carter and Mr. Sager. For best golds, Mrs. Nasham and Lieutenant-Colonel Lewin. The county challenge cup was won by the Surrey team, with 2724; Warwickshire having 2700, Lancashire 2654, Middlesex 2626 Herefordshire 2561, and Wilts 1843. Mr. Walter, who made the highest score of the winning team, is to keep the cup.

On Saturday last the long-distance amateur championship at swimming was decided over the usual course, from Putney Bridge to Hungerford Bridge. There were nineteen starters, and a grand race resulted in favour of F. W. Huntington, Liverpool S.C., by 15 yards; W. R. Itter, Torpedo S.C., was second; and G. Bell, Unity S.C., third.

Doggett's Coat and Badge, on Tuesday last, proved a mere row over for H. Audsley, who was immensely superior to the other five competitors.

At the London Midland Athletic Meeting at Stamford-bridge last Saturday, W. George, the amateur champion at four distances, ran two miles in 9 min. 25 2-5 sec., beating the previous best on record by nearly eight seconds. His time for a mile and a half (6 min. 57 2-5 sec.) was also far in advance of the previous amateur record.

Bicyclists have also been busy in wiping out records. Last week H. L. Cortis, the amateur ex-champion, rode 20 miles 297 yards in an hour; and the Hon. Ion Keith-Falconer won the Fifty Miles Championship in 2 hours 43 min. 58 1-5 sec., which is nearly eight minutes faster than the previous best on record.

Source: The Illustrated London News, No.2257—Vol. LXXXI, Saturday, August 5, 1882, p.142