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Newspaper Extracts:
Illustrated London News

No.2257—Vol. LXXXI, Saturday, August 5, 1882

Fashionable Marriages

Prince and Princess of Wales

The Court


National Sports

Church Appointments

Church News

Flower Boxes

Wesleyan Conference

Emigration to the Colonies

Royal Archaeological Institute

Winner of the Queen's Prize

Merchant Seamen's Orphan Asylum

Salt Lake City

Agricultural News

School of Art, Science, and Literature

Corn Exchange at Ipswich

Books on Cooking

Royal Yacht Squadron

Farrant, Hickman

Chelsea Hospital for Women

[Mosquitoe Repellent]

[Newspaper Masthead]

[Letter from Sevenoaks]

Cobden Club

Artillery Company

Life saving Exhibition

YMCA, Margate

New Rail routes

Canada: New Railways

Company Directors

Convalescent Homes

New Catholic Church

Dover Harbour

Glasgow Bank

Kong Kong, Hennessy

Pollok Castle


National Rifle Association

Egypt: Oil and Watercolours

London Gas Supplies

Royal General Theatrical Fund

Education: Speeches and Awards

General Home News

Paris to Rouen by water

John Hargreaves, Picture Collection

Army: Books to Egypt

National Artillery Association


Obituary: F.M. Balfour

Obituary: Lord Keane

Obituary: H.J. Sperling

[other Deaths]

Will: Adolphus Burton

Will: James Gingell

Will:Esther Herschell

Will: Octavia Hibbert

Will: Martha Solomon

Will: George Ullathorne

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