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The will (dated Jan. 7, 1875), with a codicil (dated Jan. 7, 1880), of the Rev. Joseph Barclay, LL.D., formerly Rector of Stapleford, Herts, but late the Anglican Bishop of Jerusalem, who died on Oct. 22 last at Jerusalem, was proved on the 21st ult., by the Rev. William Wayte Andrew, Alfred Andrew Andrew, and John Sidney Key Moss, the surviving executors, the personal estate exceeding 9000. The testator settles his freehold estates, Strabane, in the county of Tyrone, and Stranolor, in the county of Donegal, on his eldest son, Joseph William, and he gives to him all his pictures, books, ancient coins, curiosities, and articles of virtù. The residue of his real and personal estate is to be divided between all his children, except his said eldest son.

Source: The Illustrated London News, No.2258—Vol. LXXXI, Saturday, August 12, 1882, p.184