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Newspaper Extracts:
Illustrated London News

No.2258—Vol. LXXXI, Saturday, August 12, 1882

Kent Archaeological Society

School Board for London

Church Appointments

Bank Holidays

London street fights

Summer in London

Rail: London to Liverpool

Decorative Arts:—
Part 1: Exhibitions of Decorative Art
Part 2: Decorative Art: Galleries
Part 3: Art Furnishers' Alliance
Part 4: Suffolk Street galleries

Solicitors Suspended

The War in Egypt

British Army Uniforms

British Army Officers, Egypt

William Callcott

Clement Edwards

John Gawler

Robert Wilson

other Deaths

Joseph Barclay

James Boyd

Will: Ellen Druce

Spencer Drummond

Charles Thomas Glyn

William Hughes

John Prower

Antonio Ralli

Thomas Robinson

New York Summer

British Birds: The Moors

Other News Reports:
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