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[Antwerp to Harwich traffic]

In view of the traffic which the opening of the St. Gothard Tunnel is diverting to Antwerp, the Great Eastern Railway Company begin to-day a daily service between Antwerp and Harwich. Their steamers will lie at the new South Quay at Antwerp, where the trains will eventually run alongside, and through tickets will be issued via the St. Gothard to the chief Italian cities. During the first five months of this year 5000 tons of Italian produce—eggs, butter, vegetables, &c.—have been brought via Harwich. This trade will undoubtedly be increased by the quickened transit consequent on the opening of the St. Gothard. To provide for this increasing traffic, the Great Eastern Railway Company have ordered two powerful twin screw-steamers (of Earle's Ship-building Company, Hull).

Source: The Illustrated London News, July 1, 1882, p.11