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Newspaper Extracts:
Illustrated London News

No.2252.—Vol. LXXXI. Saturday, July 1, 1882

Street Noises

Englishmen killed in Egypt

[Salvation Army lease Tavern]

Royal Visit to Bradford

Royal Visit to Hastings

Brompton Consumption Hospital

[Canadian Pacific Railways]

[Duke of Hamilton auction sale]

[Cricket: Oval, Australia, England]

[Horse Racing]

New Market-House, Darwen

Lord Mayor's Ball, Guildhall

[Health of London]

The Volunteers

American Art

[Pelargonium Society]

Statue of Sir Rowland Hill

Law: Belt v. Lawes

Law: Burton

Law: Taylor, Rushbrooke

Law: Scott

Law: Taylor

Law: Walsh

Summer Time in the Country

[Victuallers' School, Dinner]

[African Exploration]

[Liverpool, Live Cattle]

[Antwerp to Harwich traffic]

[Artic Expedition]

[Bagot will]

[Harmony: Bible and Science]

[Blundell's School], Tiverton]

[Uprising in Ireland]

Alexandria, Egypt

Post and Telegraph Office, Egypt

[Sect: Dunkers]

Wills and Bequests

Will: Aylmer

Will: Bentinck

Will: Campbell

Will: Coventry

Will: Gilpin

Will: Green

Will: Hill

Will: Shepley

Will: Wells

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