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[Canadian Pacific Railways]

The story of the Canadian Pacific Railway Company during the first year of its existence is a remarkable one, and the effect of what is being done is exciting the notice of both America and Europe, for Canada has virgin corn lands enough to meet all the foreign requirements of Europe, and we may expect to hear little more of American grain "corners." In the just completed first year, the company built and acquired 857 miles of road. This summer the Canadian Government have to complete and transfer to the company 300 miles, while the company themselves have let contracts for the construction of 769 miles before winter sets in. By the fall, therefore, there should be 1800 miles in operation. Of the land on either side of the line not reserved for school and other purposes, about 750,000 acres have been sold during the past six months, chiefly in lots of 160 acres, and to immigrants. Rapid sales of land are not, however, to be wondered at, when we consider that the price is 10s. per acre, subject to a return of 5s. per acre for all that is cultivated within a given number of years.

Source: The Illustrated London News, July 1, 1882, p.6