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[Cricket: Australia v. England]

As the match between the Australians and the Gentlemen of England excited such universal interest, some 50,000 spectators being present at the Oval during the three days of play, we append the full score:—

Cricket Score Board

It cannot be denied that the result was a sad disappointment to all partisans of the English team, for though the unaccountable error had been committed of making up the eleven without a single fast bowler, such a group of batsmen looked like making at least 300 per innings against any bowling that could be brought against them. As it turned out, only Grace, Patterson, and Leslie, played anything like good cricket in the first innings, and the follow-on was even weaker. Let us hope that the combined eleven of Gentlemen and Players will make some amends for this crushing single innings defeat. In the match between Kent and Sussex the former eleven ran up 521 at their first attempt. Lord Harris (176), Lord Throwley (82), G. G. Hearne (64), and Mr. C. Wilson (not out, 62) were the chief contributors to this gigantic total, and, though the Rev. F.J. Greenfield (107) batted exceedingly well, he had little assistance from the other Sussex men, who were eventually defeated in a single innings with 175 runs to spare. This week, Lancashire has beaten Derbyshire by an innings and 47 runs. Mr. Hornby (79) was the only large scorer for the winners, and Mr. Foster (52) did most for Derbyshire. Cambridge has won the Inter-University match by seven wickets.

[Extract of Surnames: Bannerman, Hornby, Massie, Read, Ramsay, Murdock, Grace, Studd, M'Donnell, Giffen, Bonnor, Lucas, Blackham, Jones, Garrett, Steel, Spofforth, Patterson, Palmer, Leslie, Tylecote, Byes.]

Source: The Illustrated London News, July 1, 1882, p.10