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Sweet Summer-time

With the month of July, and its scent of roses, we come again to sweet summer-time; and for a short sojourn in the country there is no time like it; especially when you can dwell with homely people at some farmhouse where form gives place to warmest hospitality. Such happy fate is ours, when we can change the noise and dust of town for calm and quiet, its dull and denser air for pure brisk breezes, its streets for sylvan scenes and dewy lanes; where thatched white cottages with fragrant gardens, hedged in with sweetbriar or honeysuckle, give its a glimpse of some old-fashioned flowers—lark-spurs and lupins, candytuft and pinks, pansies and cabbage-roses—all tangled up together; with tall sunflowers and beehives to back them.

Source: The Illustrated London News, July 1, 1882, p.19

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