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Summer: Rest

Pleasant, too, it is then to so rest our eyes on greens, in masses; to see but thin blue smoke, just here and there, and get such sense of solitude and distance, as we lie about the hills and look straight out; the only sounds, perchance, being rustling leaves or bell-notes by the water. Good is it, also, to sit at times and think, by brambled rills that ripple through the woods, while birds about its, with a half-hushed melody, sing in the boughs close by; and gladsome at evening, as the rooks come home, are those sounds that tell us the day's work is over. Welcome is that sweet sense of rest; welcome, those simple country pleasures, as they bring us, when else-where, happy recollections and joyful memories of sweet summer-time.


Source: The Illustrated London News, July 1, 1882, p.19

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