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London Street Index, 1930

Source: Names of Street and Places in the London Postal Area
London, Published by His Majesty's Stationary Office, 1930


Map of the London Postal Area 1930


Tabard st., Borough S.E. 1
Tabernacle av., Barking rd. E. 13
Tabernacle st., Finsbury E.C. 2
Tabernacle terr., Notting hill W. 11
Tabley rd., Tufnell pk. N. 7
Tabor gro., Wimbledon S.W. 19
Tabor rd., Hammersmith W. 6
Tachbrook st., Vauxhall bdge. rd. S.W. 1
Tadema rd., King's rd. S.W. 10
Tadmor st., Shepherd's bush W. 12
Tadworth rd., Oxgate lane N.W. 2
Tagg st., Bethnal green E. 2
Tait st., St. George-in-the-east E. 1
Talavera pl., Bethnal green E. 2
Talbot av., E. Finchley N. 2
Talbot court, Gracechurch st. E.C. 3
Talbot gro. and mews, Notting hill W.11
Talbot pl., Blackheath S.E. 3
Talbot rd., Alexandra pk. N. 22
Talbot rd., Forest gate E. 7
Talbot rd., Highgate N. 6
Talbot rd.—
    1 to 97 and 2 to 102, Paddington W. 2
    97A and 104 and upwards Notting hill W. 11
Talbot rd., S. Tottenham N. 15
Talbot rd., Wall end E. 6
Talbot rd., W. Ealing W. 13
Talbot rd., Willesden N.W. 10
Talbot sq., Hyde pk. W. 2
Talbot yard, Borough S.E. 1
Talfourd pl. and rd., Peckham S.E. 15
Talgarth rd., W. Kensington W. 14
Tallis st. E.C. 4
Talma rd., Brixton S.W. 2
Talwin st., Bromley E. 3
Tamar st., Bow E. 3
Tamar st., Charlton S.E. 7
Tamar st., W. Ham E. 15
Tamarisk sq., Shepherd's bush W. 12
Tamplin mews, Maida hill W. 9
Tamworth st., North end rd. S.W. 6
Tancred rd., Harringay N. 4
Tandridge pl., Landor rd. S.W. 9
Tanfield court, Temple E.C. 4
Tankerton st., Cromer st. W.C. 1
Tankerville rd., Streatham S.W. 16
Tanner st., Bermondsey S.E. 1
Tanner's hill, Deptford S.E. 8
Tannsfeld rd., Sydenham S.E. 26
Tanswell st., Lambeth S.E. 1
Tantallon rd., Balham S.W. 12
Tanza rd., Hampstead N.W. 3
Tapley st., Bromley E. 14
Taplow st., Hoxton N. 1
Tapp st., Whitechapel E. 1
Tappesfield rd., Peckham S.E. 15
Tarbert rd., E. Dulwich S.E. 22
Tariff rd., Tottenham N. 17
Tarling st., Commercial rd. east E. 1
Tarn st., Newington S.E. 1
Tarver rd., Walworth S.E. 17
Tasman rd., Landor rd. S.W. 9
Tasso rd., Hammersmith W. 6
Tatam rd., Willesden N.W. 10
Tate rd., Silvertown E. 16
Tate st., Kennington S.E. 11
Tatnell rd., Forest hill S.E. 23
Tatton cres., Stamford hill N. 16
Tatum st., Walworth S.E. 17
Taunton av., Raynes pk. S.W. 20
Taunton mews, Dorset sq. N.W. 1
Taunton rd., Lee S.E. 12
Tavistock av., Walthamstow E. 17
Tavistock cres. and mews,
Notting hill W. 11
Tavistock pl. W.C. 1
Tavistock rd., Forest gate E. 7
Tavistock rd., Harlesden N.W. 10
Tavistock rd., Notting hill W. 11
Tavistock rd., Stratford E. 15
Tavistock rd., Woodford E. 18
Tavistock sq. W.C. 1
Tavistock st., Bethnal green E. 2
Tavistock st., Covent gdn. W.C. 2
Tavistock terr., Up. Holloway N. 19
Taviton st., Gordon sq. W.C. 1
Taybridge rd., Lavender hill S.W. 11
Taylor st., Woolwich S.E. 18
Taylor's green, Acton W. 3
Taylor's lane, Sydenham S.E. 26
Taylor's lane, Willesden N.W. 10
Teale st., Hackney rd. E. 2
Teanby's bldgs., Old st. E.C. 1
Teather st., Camberwell S.E. 5
Tebworth rd., Tottenham N. 17
Tedworth gdns. and sq., Chelsea S.W. 3
Tee, The, E. Acton W. 3
Teesdale rd., Leytonstone E. 11
Teesdale st., Hackney rd. E. 2
Teignmouth rd., Cricklewood N.W. 2
Telegraph hill, West heath N.W. 3
Telegraph st., Moorgate st. E.C. 2
Telfer st., King sq. E.C. 1
Telferscot rd., Balham S.W. 12
Telford av., Streatham hill S.W. 2
Telford rd., Bounds green rd. N. 11
Telford rd., N. Kensington W. 10
Telford rd., The Hyde N.W. 9
Telham rd., E. Ham E. 6
Tell gro., E. Dulwich S.E. 22
Temeraire st., Rotherhithe S.E. 16
Temperley rd., Balham S.W. 12
Templar rd., Homerton E. 9
Templar st., Camberwell S.E. 5
Templar's av., Golders green N.W. 11
Temple, The E.C. 4
Temple av., Tudor st. E.C. 4
Temple av., Whetstone N. 20
Temple chambers, Tudor st. E.C. 4
Temple Fortune hill and lane, Golders green N.W. 11
Temple gdns., Barrowell green N. 21
Temple gdns., Golders green N.W. 11
Temple gdns., Temple E.C. 4
Temple gro., Golders green N.W. 11
Temple lane, Whitefriars E.C. 4
Temple mill, lane and mills, Stratford E. 15
Temple pier W.C. 2
Temple rd., Chiswick W. 4
Temple rd., Cricklewood N.W. 2
Temple rd., Ealing W. 5
Temple rd., E. Ham E. 6
Temple rd., Hornsey N. 8
Temple sheen and sheen rd., Mortlake S.W. 14
Temple st., Dalston E. 8
Temple st., Hackney rd. E. 2
Temple st., Kennington S.E. 11
Temple st., Leytonstone E. 11
Templeton av., Chingford E. 4
Templeton pl., Earl's court S.W. 5
Templeton rd., S. Tottenham N. 15
Templewood av. and gdns., Hampstead N.W. 3
Tenby pl., Pentonville N. 1
Tenby rd., Walthamstow E. 17
Tench st., Wapping E. 1
Tenda rd., Bermondsey S.E. 1
Tenham av., Telford av. S.W. 2
Tenison st., Lambeth S.E. 1
Tennis court, Borough S.E. 1
Tennison rd., S. Norwood S.E. 25
Tennyson av., Manor pk. E. 12
Tennyson av., Wanstead E. 11
Tennyson mans., Cheyne walk S.W. 3
Tennyson rd., Hanwell W. 7
Tennyson rd., Kilburn N.W. 6
Tennyson rd., Leyton E. 10
Tennyson rd., Mill hill N.W. 7
Tennyson rd., Penge S.E. 20
Tennyson rd., Stratford E. 15
Tennyson rd., Walthamstow E. 17
Tennyson rd., Wimbledon S.W. 19
Tennyson st., Wandsworth rd. S.W. 8
Tent st., Whitechapel E. 1
Tenter st., Moorfields E.C. 2
Tenter st., Spitalfields E. 1
Tenterden drive and gro., Hendon N.W. 4
Tenterden rd., Tottenham N. 17
Tenterden st., Hanover sq. W. 1
Terminus pl., Wilton rd. S.W. 1
Terrace, The, Barnes S.W. 13
Terrace, The, Camden sq. N.W. 1
Terrace, The, Champion hill S.E. 5
Terrace court, Hammersmith W. 6
Terrace rd., Plaistow E. 13
Terrace rd., Well st. E. 9
Terrace villas, Hammersmith W. 6
Terrapin rd., Tooting S.W. 17
Terrett's court and pl., Islington N. 1
Terrick rd., Wood green N. 22
Terrick st., Western av. W. 12
Terront rd., West green N. 15
Testerton st., Notting hill W. 11
Tetcott rd., King's rd. S.W. 10
Tetherdown, Muswell hill N. 10
Tetley st., Poplar E. 14
Teviot st., Poplar E. 14
Tewkesbury rd., S. Tottenham N. 15
Tewkesbury terr., Bounds green N. 11
Tewson rd., Plumstead S.E. 18
Thackeray av., Tottenham N. 17
Thackeray rd., E. Ham E. 6
Thackeray st., Kensington W. 8
Thackeray st., Wandsworth rd. S.W. 8
Thames bank, Mortlake S.W. 14
Thames pl., Limehouse E. 14
Thames rd., Silvertown E. 16
Thames rd., Strand on the green W. 4
Thames st., Greenwich S.E. 10
Thane mans. and villas, Seven Sisters rd. N. 7
Thanet st., Cartwright gdns. W.C. 1
Thavies inn, Holborn circus E.C. 1
Thayer st., Manchester sq. W. 1
Thaxted rd., New Eltham S.E. 9
Theatre st., Lavender hill S.W. 11
Theberton st. and st. west, Islington N. 1
Theed st., Lambeth S.E. 1
Theobald rd., Walthamstow E. 17
Theobald st. S.E. 1
Theobald's av., N. Finchley N. 12
Theobald's rd. W.C. 1
Theodore rd., Lewisham S.E. 13
Therapia rd., Forest hill rd. S.E. 22
Theresa mews, Hammersmith W. 6
Thermopylie gate, I. of Dogs E. 14
Thesiger rd., Penge S.E. 20
Thessaly sq., Wandsworth rd. S.W. 8
Theydon rd., Clapton E. 5
Theydon st., Walthamstow E. 17
Thibet st., Battersea S.W. 11
Thicket gro. and rd., Anerley S.E. 20
Third av., Acton W. 3
Third av., Manor pk. E. 12
Third av., Plaistow E. 13
Third av., Queen's pk. estate W. 10
Third av., Walthamstow E. 17
Thirleby rd., Westminster S.W. 1
Thirlmere rd., Muswell hill N. 10
Thirlmere rd., Streatham S.W. 16
Thirsk rd., Lavender hill S.W. 11
Thirsk rd., S. Norwood S.E. 25
Thirza st., Commercial rd. east E. 1
Thistle gro., Fulham rd. S.W. 10
Thistlewaite rd., Clapton E. 5
Thomas row, Hammersmith W. 6
Thomas st., Grosvenor sq. W. 1
Thomas st., Limehouse E. 14
Thomas st., Woolwich S.E. 18
Thompson rd., E. Dulwich S.E. 22
Thorburn sq., Bermondsey S.E. 1
Thornbury rd., Lyham rd. S.W. 2
Thornby rd., Clapton E. 5
Thorncliffe rd., King's av. S.W. 2
Thorncombe rd., E. Dulwich S.E. 22
Thorncroft st., Wandsworth rd. S.W. 8
Thorndean st., Wandsworth S.W. 18
Thorne passage, Barnes S.W. 13
Thorne rd., S. Lambeth rd. S.W. 8
Thorne st., Barnes S.W. 13
Thorne terr., Peckham S.E. 15
Thorney court, Kensington W. 8
Thorney hedge rd., Chiswick W. 4
Thornfield rd., Shepherd's bush W. 12
Thornford rd., Lewisham S.E. 13
Thorngate rd., Maida hill W. 9
Thorngrove rd., Plaistow E. 13
Thornham gro., Stratford E. 15
Thornham st., Greenwich S.E. 10
Thornhill bdge pl., Caledonian rd. N. 1
Thornhill cres., gro. and rd., Barnsbury N. 1
Thornhill rd., Leyton E. 10
Thornhill sq., Barnsbury N. 1
Thornhill sq., Camberwell S.E. 5
Thornlaw rd., W. Norwood S.E. 27
Thornsbeach rd., Catford S.E. 6
Thornsett rd., Anerley S.E. 20
Thornsett rd., Wandsworth S.W. 18
Thornton av., Chiswick W. 4
Thornton av., Telford pk. S.W. 2
Thornton hill, Wimbledon S.W. 19
Thornton pl., Marylebone W. 1
Thornton rd., Balham S.W. 12
Thornton rd., Leytonstone E. 11
Thornton rd., Mortlake S.W. 14
Thornton rd., Wimbledon S.W. 19
Thornton st., Brixton rd. S.W. 9
Thornton st., Canning town E. 16
Thornton way, Golders green N.W. 11
Thorntree rd., Charlton S.E. 7
Thornville st., Deptford S.E. 8
Thornwood rd., Lewisham S.E. 13
Thorold rd., Bowes pk. N. 22
Thorold st., Bethnal green E. 2
Thorpatch pl. and rd., Wandsworth rd. S.W. 8
Thorpe cres., Chapel end E. 17
Thorpe hall rd., Hale end E. 17
Thorpe mews, N. Kensington W. 10
Thorpe rd., E. Ham E. 6
Thorpe rd., Forest gate E. 7
Thorpe rd., S. Tottenham N. 15
Thorpe rd., Walthamstow E. 17
Thorpebank rd., Shepherd's bush W. 12
Thorpedale rd., Finsbury pk. N. 4
Thorpewood av., Sydenham S.E. 26
Thorverton rd., Cricklewood N.W. 2
Thoydon rd., Bow E. 3
Thrale rd., Streatham S.W. 16
Thrawl st., Spitalfields E. 1
Threadneedle st. E.C. 2
Three colt st., Limehouse E. 14
Three colts lane, Bethnal green E. 2
Three crown sq. S.E. 1
Three herring court, Redcross st. E.C. 1
Three King court, Fleet st. E.C. 4
Three King's yard, Davies st. W. 1
Three mill lane, Bromley E. 3
Three nun court E.C. 2
Three oak lane, Tooley st. S.E. 1
Three tuns passage, Ivy lane E.C. 4
Threshers pl., Notting hill W. 11
Throckmorten rd., Victoria dks. E. 16
Throgmorton av. and st. E.C. 2
Thrush st., Walworth S.E. 17
Thurland rd., Rotherhithe S.E. 16
Thurlby rd., W. Norwood S.E. 27
Thurleigh av. and rd., Balham S.W. 12
Thurlestone rd., W. Norwood S.E. 27
Thurloe court, Fulham rd. S.W. 3
Thurloe pl. and sq., S. Kensington S.W. 7
Thurlow hill and pk., rd., Dulwich S.E. 21
Thurlow rd., Hanwell W. 7
Thurlow rd., Rosslyn hill N.W. 3
Thurlow st., Walworth S.E. 17
Thurlow st., Wandsworth rd. S.W. 8
Thurlow terr., Kentish town N.W. 5
Thurso st., Tooting S.W. 17
Thurstan rd., W. Wimbledon S.W. 20
Thurston rd., Lewisham S.E. 13
Thyra gro., N. Finchley N. 12
Tibbatt's rd., Bromley E. 3
Tibberton sq., Islington N. 1
Tiber st., King's cross N. 1
Ticehurst rd., Forest hill S.E. 23
Tichborne court, High Holborn W.C. 1
Tidal basin and basin rd., Victoria dks. E. 16
Tidal pl., Bermondsey S.E. 1
Tidbury st., Battersea pk. rd. S.W. 8
Tidemore st., Battersea pk. rd. S.W. 8
Tideswell rd., Putney S.W. 15
Tidey st., Bromley E. 3
Tierney rd., Streatham hill S.W. 2
Tilbury rd., E. Ham E.6
Tilbury rd., Leyton E. 10
Tile kiln lane, Highgate N. 6
Tile kiln lane, Up. Edmonton N. 18
Tileyard rd., Holloway N. 7
Tilia rd., Clapton E. 5
Tiliæ rd., Plumstead S.E. 18
Tilley st., Spitalfields E. 1
Tillman st., Cannon st. rd. E. 1
Tillotson rd., Lr. Edmonton N. 9
Tillotson st., Stepney green E. 1
Tilney st., Park lane W. 1
Tilson rd., Peckham S.E. 15
Tilson rd., Tottenham N. 17
Tilton st., Fulham S.W. 6
Timbercroft lane, Plumstead S.E. 18
Tindal st., Lothian rd. S.W. 9
Tinderbox alley, Mortlake S.W. 14
Tintagel cres. and gdns., E. Dulwich S.E.22
Tintern rd., Wood green N. 22
Tintern st., Ferndale rd. S.W. 4
Tinto rd., Victoria dks. E. 16
Tinworth st., Kennington S.E. 11
Tipthorpe rd., Lavender hill S.W. 11
Tissington st., Rotherhithe S.E. 16
Titchborne row and st., Paddington W.2
Titchfield rd., St. John's wood N.W. 8
Titchfield st., Soho W.1
Titchfield terr., St. John's wood N.W. 8
Titchwell rd., Wandsworth S.W. 18
Tite st., Royal hospital rd. S.W. 3
Tiverton rd., S. Tottenham N. 15
Tiverton st., Newington causeway
Tivoli rd., Crouch end N. 8
Tivoli rd., W. Norwood S.E. 27
Tobago st., Millwall E. 14
Tobin sq., Notting hill W. 11
Tokenhouse bldgs., Moorgate E.C. 2
Tokenhouse yard, Lothbury E.C. 2
Tokenhouse yard, Putney S.W. 15
Tolhurst st., Brockley S.E. 4
Tollet st,, Mile end E. 1
Tollington pk., and pl., Stroud green N. 4
Tollington rd., Holloway N. 7
Tolmer's sq., Hampstead rd. N.W. 1
Tolverne rd., W. Wimbledon S.W. 20
Tomlin's gro., Bow E. 3
Tonbridge st., Cromer st. W.C. 1
Tonsley hill, pl. and rd., Wandsworth S.W. 18
Tooke st., Millwall E. 14
Took's court, Cursitor st. E.C. 4
Tooley st., Southwark S.E. 1
Tooting bec gdns., Streatham S.W. 16
Tooting bec hospital and bec rd., Tooting S.W. 17
Tooting common and gro., Tooting S.W. 17
Topaz st., Kennington S.E. 11
Topham sq., Tottenham N. 17
Topley st., Eltham S.E. 9
Topsfield parade and rd., Crouch end N. 8
Topsham rd., Tooting S.W. 17
Tor gdns., Kensington W. 8
Torbay rd., Kilburn N.W. 6
Torbay st., Clarence rd. N.W. 1
Tormount rd., Woolwich S.E. 18
Toronto av., Manor pk. E. 12
Toronto rd., Leytonstone E. 11
Torpedo terr., Eltham S.E. 9
Torquay st., Paddington W. 2
Torr rd., Penge S.E. 20
Torrens rd., Brixton hill S.W. 2
Torrens rd. and sq., Stratford E. 15
Torrens st., City rd. E.C. 1
Torriano av., cottages, gdns and mews, Kentish town N.W. 5
Torridon rd.—
    1 and 3, Lewisham S.E. 13
    2 and 5 and upwards, Catford S.E. 6
Torrington gdns., New Southgate N. 11
Torrington gro., N. Finchley N. 12
Torrington mews. Paddington W. 2
Torrington pk., N. Finchley N. 12
Torrington pl. and sq. Bloomsbury W.C. 1
Torwood rd., Roehampton S.W. 15
Tothill st., Westminster S.W. 1
Totnes rd., Victoria dks. E. 16
Tottenhall rd., Palmer's green N. 13
Tottenham court rd. W. 1
Tottenham green, S. Tottenham N. 15
Tottenham lane, Hornsey N. 8
Tottenham mews, Tottenham court rd. W.1
Tottenham rd. and sq., De Beauvoir town N. 1
Tottenham st., N. Kensington W. 10
Tottenham st., Tottenham court rd. W.1
Totterdown st., Tooting S.W. 17
Totteridge common, green, lane, and pk., Whetstone N. 20
Totteridge rd., Battersea S.W. 11
Totty st., Bow E. 3
Toulmin st., Southwark S.E. 1
Toulon st., Camberwell S.E. 5
Tournay rd., Waltham green S.W. 6
Tovey pl., Kentish town N.W. 5
Tower bdge. rd., Bermondsey S.E. 1
Tower gdns. rd., Tottenham N. 17
Tower hamlets rd., Forest gate E. 7
Tower hamlets rd., Walthamstow E.17
Tower hill E.C. 3
Tower of London E.C. 3
Tower royal, Queen Victoria St. E.C. 4
Tower st., Lambeth S.E. 1
Tower st., Little St. Andrew st. W.C. 2
Tower st., London fields E. 8
Town hall av., Chiswick W. 4
Town hall rd., Lavender hill S.W. 11
Town rd., Lr. Edmonton N. 9
Townholm cres., Hanwell W. 7
Townley rd., B. Dulwich S.E. 22
Townley st., Walworth S.E. 17
Townmead rd., Fulham S.W. 6
Townsend av., Southgate N. 14
Townsend rd., S. Tottenham N. 15
Townsend st., Walworth S.E. 17
Townsend yard, Borough S.E. 1
Townshend cottages and rd., St. John's wood N.W. 8
Towton rd., W. Norwood S.E. 27
Toynbee rd., W. Wimbledon S.W. 20
Tracey av., Anson rd. N.W. 2
Tracey st., Kennington S.E. 11
Tradescant rd., S. Lambeth rd. S.W. 8
Trafalgar bldgs., Northumberland av. W.C. 2
Trafalgar gro., Greenwich S.E. 10
Trafalgar pl., Up. Edmonton N. 18
Trafalgar rd., Dalston E. 8
Trafalgar rd., Greenwich S.E. 10
Trafalgar rd., Merton S.W. 19
Trafalgar rd., Peckham S.E. 15
Trafalgar sq., Charing cross (except No. 5) W.C. 2
Trafalgar sq., Charing cross, No. 5 S.W. 1
Trafalgar sq., Fulham rd. S.W. 3
Trafalgar sq., Peckham S.E. 15
Trafalgar sq., Stepney E. 1
Trafalgar st., Walworth S.E. 17
Trahorn st., Whitechapel E. 1
Tramway av., Lr. Edmonton N. 9
Tramway av., Stratford E. 15
Tranmere rd., Wandsworth S.W. 18
Tranquil passage and vale, Blackheath S.E. 3
Tranton rd., Rotherhithe S.E. 16
Travers rd., Holloway N. 7
Treadgold st., Notting hill W. 11
Treadway st., Bethnal green E. 2
Treasury passage, Horse Guards pde. S.W. 1
Trebovir rd., Earl's court S.W. 5
Treby st., Bow E. 3
Tredegar rd., sq., and terr., Bow E. 3
Trederwen rd., Hackney E. 8
Tredown rd., Sydenham S.E. 26
Tree rd., Victoria dks. E. 16
Treen av., Barnes S.W. 13
Trefoil rd., Wandsworth S.W. 18
Tregaron av., Hornsey N. 8
Tregarvon rd., Battersea S.W. 11
Tregenna st., Brixton S.W. 2
Trego rd., Homerton E. 9
Tregothnan rd., Landor rd. S.W. 9
Tregunter rd., Redciffe gdns. S.W. 10
Treherne rd., Mortlake S.W. 14
Treherne rd., Stockwell S.W. 9
Trehurst st., Clapton E. 5
Trelawn rd., Brixton S.W. 2
Trelawn rd., Leyton E. 10
Trelawney rd., Homerton E. 9
Trellis st., Bow E. 3
Treloar gdns., Norwood S.E. 19
Tremadoc rd., Clapham S.W. 4
Tremaine rd., Anerley S.E. 20
Tremlett gro., Up. Holloway N. 19
Trenchard st., Greenwich S.E. 10
Trenholme rd. and terr., Anerley S.E. 20
Trenmar gdns., Willesden N.W. 10
Trent av., Ealing W. 5
Trent gdns., Southgate N. 14
Trent rd., Brixton hill S.W. 2
Trentham st., Southfields S.W. 18
Treport st., Wandsworth S.W. 18
Tresco rd., Nunhead S.E. 15
Tresham av., Homerton E. 9
Tress pl., Blackfriars S.E. 1
Tressillian cres. and rd., Brockley S.E. 4
Tretawn pk., Mill hill N.W. 7
Trevanion rd., W. Kensington W. 14
Trevecca terr., Bowes pk. N. 11
Trevelyan av., Manor pk. E. 12
Trevelyan rd., Stratford E. 15
Trevelyan rd., Tooting S.W. 17
Treverton st., N. Kensington W. 10
Treville st., Roehampton S.W. 15
Treviso rd., Forest hill S.E. 23
Trevithick st., Deptford S.E. 8
Trevor rd.,Wimbledon S.W. 19
Trevor sq., Knightsbridge S.W. 7
Trewince rd., W. Wimbledon S.W. 20
Trewint st., Wandsworth S.W. 18
Trewsbury rd., Sydenham S.E. 26
Triangle, The, Hackney E. 8
Triangle, The, N. Kensington W. 10
Triangle pde., Green lanes N. 13
Triangle pl., Clapham pk. rd. S.W. 4
Triangle rd., London fields E. 8
Trident st., Rotherhithe S.E. 16
Trig lane, Up. Thames st. E.C. 4
Trigon gro. and rd., Clapham rd. S.W. 8
Trilby rd., Forest hill S.E. 23
Trim st., New cross S.E. 14
Trimby st., Peckham S.E. 15
Trinder rd., Hornsey rise N. 19
Tring av., Ealing W. 5
Trinidad st., Limehouse E. 14
Trinity av., E. Finchley N. 2
Trinity ch. passage, Fetter lane E.C. 4
Trinity ch. rd., Barnes S.W. 13
Trinity gro., Greenwich S.E. 10
Trinity pl., Hoxton N. 1
Trinity pl., Trinity sq. E.C. 3
Trinity rise, Tulse hill S.W. 2
Trinity rd., Bowes pk. N. 22
Trinity rd., E. Finchley N. 2
Trinity rd., Rotherhithe S.E. 16
Trinity rd.—
    1 to 259 and to 236, Tooting S.W. 17
    261 and 238 and upwards, Wandsworth S.W. 18
Trinity rd., Wimbledon S.W. 19
Trinity sq., Borough S.E. 1
Trinity sq., Brixton rd. S.W. 9
Trinity sq., Tower hill E.C. 3
Trinity st., Borough S.E. 1
Trinity st., Islington N. 1
Trinity st., Leytonstone E. 11
Trinity st., Victoria dks. E. 16
Trinity st., Woolwich S.E. 18
Tritton rd., Dulwich S.E. 21
Tritton st., Battersea S.W. 11
Trollope st., Battersea pk. S.W. 8
Troon st., Stepney E. 1
Trossachs rd., E. Dulwich S.E. 22
Trothy rd., Bermondsey S.E. 1
Trott st., Battersea S.W. 11
Troughton rd., Charlton S.E. 7
Trout rd., Bow E.3
Troutbeck rd., New cross S.E. 14
Trouville rd., Clapham pk. S.W. 4
Trowbridge pl. and rd., Homerton E. 9
Troy rd., Norwood S.E. 19
Troy town, Peckham S.E. 15
Trulock rd., Tottenham N. 17
Truman sq., Rotherhithe S.E. 16
Truman's rd., Stoke Newington N. 16
Trump st., King st. E.C. 2
Trumpington rd., Forest gate E. 7
Trundley's rd., Deptford S.E. 8
Truro rd., Bowes pk. N. 22
Truro rd., Walthamstow E. 17
Truro st., Prince of Wales rd. N.W. 5
Trussley rd., Hammersmith W. 6
Tryon st., Kings rd. S.W. 3
Tryphena pl., Bow E. 3
Tuam rd., Plumstead S.E. 18
Tubb's rd., Harlesden N.W. 10
Tucker st., Canning town E. 16
Tucker's pl., St. John's wood N.W. 8
Tudor gdns., Barnes S.W. 13
Tudor clse and gdns., The Hyde N.W. 9
Tudor gdns., W. Acton W. 3
Tudor gro., Hornerton E. 9
Tudor pl., Tottenham court rd. W. 1
Tudor rd., Homerton E. 9
Tudor rd., Norwood S.E. 19
Tudor rd., S. Chingford E. 4
Tudor rd., S. Norwood S.E. 25
Tudor rd., Upton pk. E. 6
Tudor st. E.C. 4
Tudor way, Gunnersbury av. W. 3
Tufnell pk. rd.—
    1 to 217 and 2 to 210, Holloway N. 7
    219 and 212 and upwards. Up. Holloway N. 19
Tufton rd., S. Chingford E. 4
Tufton St., Westminster S.W. 1
Tugela st., Catford S.E. 6
Tuilerie st., Hackney rd. E. 2
Tulip pl., Rotherhithe S.E. 16
Tullet pl., Brompton rd. S.W. 3
Tulse hill, Brixton S.W. 2
Tulsemere rd., W. Norwood S.E. 27
Tuncombe rd., Up. Edmonton N. 18
Tunis rd., Shepherd's bush W. 12
Tunley rd., Craven pk. N.W. 10
Tunley rd., Tooting S.W. 17
Tunmarsh lane, Plaistow E. 13
Tunnel av., Greenwich S.E. 10
Tunnel rd. and sq., Rotherhithe S.E. 16
Tunstall rd., Brixton rd. S.W. 9
Turant rd., Tottenham N. 17
Turbine terr., Eltham S.E. 9
Turin st., Bethnal green E. 2
Turk's row, Lr. Sloane st. S.W. 3
Turle rd., Tollington pk. N. 4
Turnagain lane, Farringdon st. E.C. 4
Turner bldgs., Westminster S.W. 1
Turner close and drive, Golders green N.W. 11
Turner pl., Wenlock rd. N. 1
Turner rd., Lewisham S.E. 13
Turner rd., Walthamstow E. 17
Turner sq., Hoxton N. 1
Turner st., Commercial rd. east E. 1
Turner st., Victoria dks. E. 16
Turner's wood, Golders green N.W. 11
Turner's rd., Bow E. 3
Turneville rd., W. Kensington W. 14
Turney rd., Dulwich S.E. 21
Turnham green terr., Chiswick W. 4
Turnmill st., Clerkenwell E.C. 1
Turnpike lane, Hornsey N. 8
Turnpin lane, Greenwich S.E. 10
Turquand st., Walworth S.E. 17
Turret gro., Clapham S.W. 4
Turret terr., Eltham S.E. 9
Turtle rd., Tooting S.W. 17
Turvey terr., Grenoble gdns. N. 13
Turville St., Bethnal green E. 2
Tuscan rd., Plumstead S.E. 18
Tuscan st., Bethnal green E. 2
Tuskar st., Greenwich S.E. 10
Tustin st., Peckham S.E. 15
Tweed st., Battersea pk. rd. S.W. 8
Tweedmouth rd., Plaistow E. 13
Twickenham rd., Leytonstone E. 11
Twilley st., Wandsworth S.W. 18
Twining st., Clare mkt. W.C. 2
Twisden rd., Highgate rd. N.W. 5
Twybridge way, Willesden N.W. 10
Twyford, Willesden N.W. 10
Twyford av. and cres., Acton W. 3
Twyford st., Islington N. 1
Twyford st., Silvertown E. 16
Tyas rd., Victoria dks. E. 16
Tybernham rd., Merton pk. S.W. 19
Tye st., Poplar E. 14
Tyer's gateway, Bermondsey S.E. 1
Tyer's st. and terr., Kennington S.E. 11
Tylecroft rd., Norbury S.W. 16
Tyler st., Greenwich S.E. 10
Tyler's court, Wardour st. W. 1
Tylney rd., Forest gate E. 7
Tylney rd., Wanstead E. 11
Tyndale pl., mans, and terr., Islington N. 1
Tyndall rd., Leyton E. 10
Tyneham rd., Lavender hill S.W. 11
Tynemouth rd., Page green N. 15
Tynemouth st., Fulham S.W. 6
Tynte st., Homerton E. 9
Type st., Bethnal green E. 2
Tyrawley rd., Harwood rd. S.W. 6
Tyrell gdns., E. Dulwich S.E. 22
Tyrone rd., E. Ham E. 6
Tyrrell rd., E. Dulwich S.E. 22
Tyrrell st., Bethnal green E. 2
Tyrwhitt rd., Brockley S.E. 4
Tysens rd., Stoke Newington N. 16
Tysoe st., Rosebery av. E.C. 1
Tyson rd., Forest hill S.E. 23
Tyssen passage and st., Dalston lane E. 8
Tyssen st., Hoxton N. 1
Tytherton rd., Tufnell pk. N. 19

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