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London Street Index, 1930

Source: Names of Street and Places in the London Postal Area
London, Published by His Majesty's Stationary Office, 1930


Map of the London Postal Area 1930


Vale, The, Acton W. 3
Vale, The and court, Chelsea S.W. 3
Vale, The, Golders green N.W. 11
Vale, The, Halliwick rd. N. 10
Vale court, Maida vale W. 9
Vale gro., Acton W. 3
Vale gro. and rd., Finsbury pk. N. 4
Vale of health, Hampstead N.W. 3
Vale rd., Forest gate E. 7
Vale Royal, Holloway N. 7
Valentia rd., Stockwell S.W. 9
Valentine pl., Blackfriars S.E. 1
Valentine rd., S. Hackney E. 9
Valetta gro., Plaistow E. 13
Valetta rd., Acton W. 3
Valetta st. E.C. 1
Valette st., Homerton E. 9
Vallance rd., Alexandra pk. N. 22
Vallance rd.—
    1 to 121 and 2 to 168, Whitechapel E. 1
    123 and 170 and upwards, Bethnal green E. 2
Vallentin rd., Walthamstow E. 17
Valley gdns., Collier's wood S.W. 19
Valley rd., Streatham S.W. 16
Valleyfield rd., Streatham S.W. 16
Vallier rd., College pk. N.W. 10
Valmar rd., Camberwell S.E. 5
Valnay st., Tooting S.W. 17
Vambery rd., Plumstead S.E. 18
Vanbrugh fields, Blackheath S.E. 3
Vanbrugh hill—
    1 to 31 and 2 to 44, Blackheath S.E. 3
    53 and 48 and upwards, Greenwich S.E. 10
Vanbrugh pk., pk. rd. and pk. rd. west Blackheath S.E. 3
Vanbrugh rd., Chiswick W. 4
Vanbrugh terr., Blackheath S.E. 3
Vance st., New cross S.E. 14
Vancouver rd., Forest hill S.E. 23
Vanderbilt rd., Wandsworth S.W. 18
Vandon st., Westminster S.W. 1
Vandy st., Finsbury E.C. 2
Vandyke cross, Eltham S.E. 9
Vane st., Rochester row S.W. 1
Vanguard st., Deptford S.E. 8
Vansittart rd., Forest gate E. 7
Vansittart st., New cross S.E. 14
Vanston pl., Walham green S.W. 6
Vant rd., Tooting S.W. 17
Varcoe rd., Rotherhithe S.E. 16
Varden st., Commercial rd. east E. 1
Vardens rd., Battersea S.W. 11
Varley rd., Victoria dks. E. 16
Varna rd., Fulham S.W. 6
Vartry rd., S. Tottenham N. 15
Vassall rd., Buxton rd. S.W. 9
Vattis way, Argyle estate W. 13
Vauban st., Rotherhithe S.E. 16
Vaughan av., Hammersmith W. 6
Vaughan rd., Camberwell S.E. 5
Vaughan rd., Stratford E. 15
Vauxhall bdge. rd. S.W. 1
Vauxhall st. and walk, Kennington S.E. 11
Vectis rd., Tooting S.W. 17
Venables st., St. John's wood N.W. 8
Venetia rd., Ealing W. 5
Venetia rd., Harringay N. 4
Venetian rd., Camberwell S.E. 5
Venice st., Whitechapel E. 1
Venn st., Clapham S.W. 4
Venner rd., Sydenham S.E. 26
Venour rd., Bow E. 3
Ventnor rd., New cross S.E. 14
Venue st., Poplar E. 14
Venus terr., Eltham S.E. 9
Vera av., Winchmore hill N. 21
Vera rd., Munster rd. S.W. 6
Verbena gdns., Hammersmith W. 6
Verdant lane, Catford S.E. 6
Verdun rd., Plumstead S.E. 18
Verdun rd., Lonsdale rd. S.W. 13
Vere st., Oxford st. W. 1
Vereker rd., W. Kensington W. 14
Vermont rd., Norwood S.E. 19
Vermont st., Wandsworth S.W. 18
Verney rd., Rotherhithe S.E. 16
Verney st., Neasden N.W. 10
Verney way, Rotherhithe S.E. 16
Vernham rd., Plumstead S.E. 18
Vernon av., Manor pk. E. 12
Vernon av., W. Wimbledon S.W. 20
Vernon mews, Notting hill W. 11
Vernon mews, W. Kensington W. 14
Vernon pl., Bloomsbury sq. W.C. 1
Vernon rd., Bow E. 3
Vernon rd., Hornsey N. 8
Vernon rd., Leytonstone E. 11
Vernon rd., Mortlake S.W. 14
Vernon rd., Stratford E. 15
Vernon rd., Walthamstow E. 17
Vernon sq. and st., King's cross rd. W.C. 1
Vernon st., W. Kensington W. 14
Verona rd., Forest gate E. 7
Verona st., Battersea S.W. 11
Veronica rd., Tooting S.W. 17
Verran rd., Balham S.W. 12
Versailles rd., Anerley S.E. 20
Verulam av., Walthamstow E. 17
Verulam bldgs., Gray's inn W.C. 1
Verulam st., Leather lane E.C. 1
Vesey st., Poplar E. 14
Vespan rd., Shepherd's bush W. 12
Vestra rd., Brockley S.E. 4
Vestris rd., Forest hill S.E. 23
Vestry rd., Camberwell S.E. 5
Vestry rd., Walthamstow E. 17
Vestry st., Hoxton N. 1
Vevey st., Catford S.E. 6
Viaduct st., Bethnal green E. 2
Vian st., Lewisham S.E. 13
Vicarage gdns. and gate, Kensington W. 8
Vicarage lane, E. Ham E. 6
Vicarage lane, Stratford E. 15
Vicarage pk., Plumstead S.E. 18
Vicarage rd., Battersea S.W. 11
Vicarage rd, Camberwell S.E. 5
Vicarage rd., E. Sheen S.W. 14
Vicarage rd., Hendon N.W. 4
Vicarage rd., Leyton E. 10
Vicarage rd., Neasden lane N.W. 10
Vicarage rd., Plumstead S.E. 18
Vicarage rd., Stratford E, 15
Vicarage rd., Tottenham N. 17
Vicar's hill, Lewisham S.E. 13
Vicar's moor lane, Winchmore hill N. 21
Vicar's rd., Kentish town N.W. 5
Vicary st., Brixton S.W. 2
Vicat st., Edith gro S.W. 10
Viceroy rd., Guildford rd. S.W. 8
Victor rd., College pk. N.W. 10
Victor rd., Holloway N. 7
Victor rd., Penge S.E. 20
Victoria arcade, Victoria stn. S.W. 1
Victoria av., Bishopsgate E.C. 2
Victoria av., E. Ham E. 6
Victoria av., Finchley ch. end N. 3
Victoria bldgs., Wilton rd. S.W. 1
Victoria cres., S. Tottenham N. 15
Victoria cres., Wimbledon S.W. 19
Victoria dk. and dk. rd. E. 16
Victoria embkt.—
    New Bridge st. E.C. 4
    Strand W.C. 2
    Whitehall S.W. 1
Victoria gdns., Notting hill W. 11
Victoria gro., Kensington W. 8
Victoria gro., Stoke Newington N. 16
Victoria gro. mews, Bayswater W. 2
Victoria gro. west, Stoke Newington N. 16
Victoria Hospital, Tite st. S.W. 3
Victoria mans., Holloway rd. N. 7
Victoria mews, Kilburn N.W. 6
Victoria mews, Old Ford E. 2
Victoria parade, Norbury S.W. 16
Victoria pk. rd., S. Hackney E. 9
Victoria pk. sq., Bethnal green E. 2
Victoria pl., Borough S.E. 1
Victoria pl., Holloway N. 7
Victoria pl., Kilburn N.W. 6
Victoria pl., Paddington W. 2
Victoria pl., Priory gro. S.W. 8
Victoria pl., W. Norwood S.E. 27
Victoria rd., Alexandra pk. N. 22
Victoria rd., Charlton S.E. 7
Victoria rd., Chingford E. 4
Victoria rd., Clapham common S.W. 4
Victoria rd., Ealing W. 5
Victoria rd., Finsbury pk. N. 4
Victoria rd., Gipsy hill S.E. 19
Victoria rd., Hendon N.W. 4
Victoria rd., Holloway N 7
Victoria rd., Kensington W. 8
Victoria rd., Kilburn N.W. 6
Victoria rd., Leytonstone E. 11
Victoria rd., Mill hill N.W. 7
Victoria rd., Mortlake S.W. 14
Victoria rd., Peckham S.E. 15
Victoria rd., Plaistow E. 13
Victoria rd., Prince of Wales rd. N.W. 1
Victoria rd., S. Tottenham N. 15
Victoria rd., S. Woodford E. 18
Victoria rd., Stoke Newington N. 16
Victoria rd. (part), Lr. Edmonton N. 9
Victoria rd. (part), Up. Edmonton N. 18
Victoria rd., Walthamstow E. 17
Victoria rd. (part), Acton W. 3
Victoria rd. (part), Park Royal N.W. 10
Victoria rd., Wimbledon S.W. 19
Victoria sq., Buckingham pal. rd. S.W. 1
Victoria station, S. Rly. (Central Sect.) Buckingham pal. rd. S.W. 1
Victoria station, S. Rly. (Eastern Sect.), Wilton rd. S.W. 1
Victoria st., Paddington green W. 2
Victoria st., W. Ham E. 15
Victoria st., Westminster S.W. 1
Victoria terr., Finsbury pk. N. 4
Victoria villas, Kilburn N.W. 6
Victory pl., Walworth S.E. 17
Victory rd., Merton S.W. 19
Victory sq., Camberwell S.E. 5
View, The, Abbey wood S.E. 2
View rd., Highgate N. 6
Viewfield rd., Wandsworth S.W. 18
Viewland rd., Plumstead S.E. 18
Viga rd., Winchmore hill N. 21
Vigo St., Regent st. W. 1
Villa rd., Brixton rd. S.W. 9
Villa st., Walworth S.E. 17
Village, The, Charlton S.E. 7
Village rd., Finchley ch. end N. 3
Village st., W. Ham E. 15
Village way, Dulwich S.E. 21
Village way, Neasden N.W. 10
Villas on the heath, Vale of health N.W. 3
Villas rd., Plumstead S.E. 18
Villiers rd., Cricklewood N.W. 2
Villiers st., Strand W.C. 2
Vince st., Old st. E.C. 1
Vincent rd., Hale end E. 4
Vincent rd., West green N. 15
Vincent rd., Wood green N. 22
Vincent sq., Westminster S.W. 1
Vincent st., Victoria dks. E. 16
Vincent st., Westminster S.W. 1
Vincent terr., Islington N. 1
Vine cottages, Hammersmith W. 6
Vine cottages, Hanwell W. 7
Vine court, Whitechapel rd. E. 1
Vine pl., Hoxton N. 1
Vine rd., Barnes S.W. 13
Vine rd., Stratford E. 15
Vine rd., Tottenham N. 17
Vine st., Borough S.E. 1
Vine st., Clerkenwell rd. E.C. 1
Vine st., Crutched Friars E.C. 3
Vine st., Regent st. W. 1
Vine yard, Borough S.E. 1
Vinegar yard, St. Thomas's st. S.E. 1
Vinery villas, St. John's wood N.W. 8
Vineyard av., Mill hill N.W. 7
Vineyard hill rd., Wimbledon S.W. 19
Vineyard path, Mortlake S.W. 14
Vineyard walk, Clerkenwell E.C. 1
Vining st., Coldharbour lane S.W. 9
Viola av., Plumstead S.E. 18
Viola sq., Shepherd's bush W. 12
Violet hill, St. John's wood N.W. 8
Violet rd., Bow E. 8
Violet rd., S. Woodford E. 18
Violet rd., Walthamstow E. 17
Violet row, Green st. E. 2
Violet st., Bethnal green E. 2
Virgil pl., Seymour pl. W. 1
Virginia rd., Bethnal green E. 2
Virginia st., St. George st. E. 1
Vittoria pl. and st., Islington N. 1
Vivian av., Hendon N.W. 4
Vivian rd., Bow E. 3
Vivian rd., Peckham S.E. 15
Voltaire rd., Clapham S.W. 4
Voluntary pl., Wanstead E. 11
Vorley rd., Up. Holloway N. 19
Voss court, Streatham S.W. 16
Voss st., Bethnal green E. 2
Vowler st., Walworth S.E. 17
Vulcan rd. and terr., Brockley S.E. 4
Vulvan st., Poplar E. 14
Vyner St., Cambridge heath E. 2

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