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St.Paul's Cathedral

SOURCE: REMARKS ON LONDON, being an Exact Survey of the Cities of London and Westminster, Borough of Southwark... By W. Stow., London, 1722.

A List of all the Cathedrals, Churches, and Chapels of Ease within the Bill of Mortality, withal shewing therein the sett Times of publick Prayers, receiving the Sacrament, and hearing Sermons both Ordinary and Extraordinary.

Note, Pr. signifies Prayers, Sac. Sacrament;
S. Sermon; and Lect. Lecturer.

St.Paul's Cathedral, situated on the highest Ground of the City, was first founded about the Year 610, by Ethelbert King of Kent, and Segbert King of the West Saxons, in a Wood or Grove, where stood formerly a Temple of Diana, the Heathen Goddess; which Opinion was farther confirmed in the Time of King Edward the Second, about 1310, and 700 Years after the first Foundation, when Workmen digging thereabouts, they found above 100 Heads of Oxen, which were the Sacrifices offered to the foresaid Goddess. After several Disasters by Fire, it was wholly consumed in the dreadful Conflagration of 1666; however it was quickly began to be rebuilt, and finished within these few Years, so that it is now the most ample and celebrated Piece of Architecture in the whole World, and the largest Cathedral, being 20 Foot longer than St. Peter's at Rome. It is dedicated (as before) to the Apostle Paul; the History of whose Conversion, and Preaching to the Bereans, is curiously represented upon the West Portico; opposite to which in the Church Yard, is erected a most magnificent Statute of white Marble, to the Honour of the late Queen Anne. Morning Pr. are every day in the Chapel at 6 in Summer and 7 in Winter, but in the Choir again at 10, and Evening Pr. constantly at 3; Sac. every Sunday in the Year at 12; a S. every Sunday at 10, Afternoon at 3; and annual ones on Jan. 30. Mar. 8. May. 29. Sept. 2. Nov. 5. and all other publick Solemnities of Thanksgiving or Fast Days, appointed by the Government.