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Queen Victoria

Welcome now, VICTORIA ! 
       Welcome to the throne ! 
May all the trades begin to stir, 
       Now you are Queen of England; 
For your most gracious Majesty 
May see what wretched poverty 
Is to be found on England's ground, 
       Now you are Queen of England. 

Of all the flowers in full bloom, 
       Adorn'd with beauty and perfume, 
The fairest is the rose in June, 
       Victoria, Queen of England. 

While o'er the country you preside, 
Providence will be your guide, 
The people then will never chide, 
       Victoria, Queen of England. 
She doth declare it her intent 
To extend reform in Parliament,
On doing good she's firmly bent, 
       While she is Queen of England. 
              Of all the flowers, &c. 

She says, I'll try my utmost skill, 
That the poor may have their fill; 
Forsake them !—no, I never will, 
       While I am Queen of England; 
For oft my mother said to me, 
Let this your study always be, 
To see the people blest and free, 
       Should you be Queen of England. 
              Of all the flowers, &c. 

And now, my daughter, you do reign, 
Much opposition to sustain, 
You'll surely have, before you gain 
       The blessing of Old England, 
O yes, dear mother, that is true, 
I know my sorrows won't be few, 
Poor people shall have work to do, 
       While I am Queen of England. 
              Of all the flowers, &c. 

I will encourage every trade, 
For their labour must be paid, 
In this free country then she said— 
       Victoria, Queen of England; 
That poor-law bill, with many more, 
Shall be trampled on the floor— 
The rich must keep the helpless poor, 
       While I am Queen of England. 
              Of all the flowers, &c. 

The Royal Queen of Britain's isle 
Soon will make the people smile, 
Her heart none can the least defile, 
       Victoria, Queen of England; 
Although she is of early years, 
She is possess'd of tender cares, 
To wipe away the orphan's tears, 
       While she is Queen of England. 
              Of all the flowers, &c. 

With joy each Briton doth exclaim, 
Both far and near across the main, 
Victoria we now proclaim 
       The Royal Queen of England. 
Long may she live, and happy be, 
Adorn'd with robes of royalty, 
With blessings from her subjects free, 
       While she is Queen of England. 
              Of all the flowers, &c. 

In every town and village gay, 
The bells shall ring, and music play, 
Upon her Coronation-day, 
       Victoria, Queen of England; 
While her affections we do win, 
And every day fresh blessings bring, 
Ladies, help me for to sing 
       Victoria, Queen of England; 
              Of all the flowers, &c. 

W. & T. Fordyce, Printers, 48, Dean Street, Newcastle.

SOURCE: Curiosities of Street Literature, London, Reeves and Turner, 196, Strand, 1871.