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Curiosities of Street Literature

"Cocks" or "Catchpennies,"
A Large and Curious Assortment of
Street-Drolleries, Squibs, Histories, Comic Tales in prose and verse,
Broadsides on the Royal Family,
Political Litanies, Dialogues, Catechisms, Acts of Parliament,
Street Political papers,
A Variety of "Ballads on a Subject,"
Dying Speeches and Confessions...

Reeves and Turner
196, Strand


Street Literature

New Fashioned Petticoats

Foreigners in England

Cabmen, and their new Flags

A Night in a London Workhouse

Opening of the Viaduct

Queen Victoria

The Lord Mayor's Show

Five Unfortunate Sailors

Trial, William Youngman

The Esher Tragedy

Terrible Accident, Regent's Park

Old Bailey Sessions

Another Horrible Murder

Sentences of all the Prisoners

Trial: White & Roberts

Trial: Swan & Jeffryes

Trial & Execution of John Austin

Execution of Eight Convicts

Execution of Joseph Richards

Execution of Five Pirates

The Female Husband

She He Barman of Southwark

The Funny He-She Ladies!

SOURCE: Curiosities of Street Literature, London, Reeves and Turner, 196, Strand, 1871.