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Lord Mayor's Show.

Now all you gay people, be off in a jiffy,
To see this grand sight in London city,
If you do not go, it will be a pity,
Such a beautiful Lord Mayor's Show;
If my Lord Mayor should give up the old coach,
In an old dung cart he will approach,
As sleek as an ell, as sly as a roach,
Such a big bellied man is the mayor.

Ride a cock horse to old Charing Cross,
To see the Lord Mayor on an old horse,
But where is the Mayoress we are at a loss,
Such a beautiful Lord Mayor's Show;

The Queen won't be there, as I am sinner,
She has gone to Scotland to get a dinner,
Scotch oatmeal and burgoo, to make her thinner,
So much for Vickey our Queen.
To travel the highlands her little feet itches,
To see them big men without any breeches,
With such fine looking fellows with big legs to match it,
They would look very well at the show.

Here comes the lady, we though not so fast,
By the side of the Night Mayor on a jackass ;
Her head through Temple Bar cannot pass, sir,
Something new at the Lord Mayor's Show.
Then the old watermen, wicked old sinners,
One eye on the Mayor and one on their dinner,
As for the mock birds, they're wonderful thinner,
So make haste to the Lord Mayor's Show.

As for Old Lawrence his hopes is all blighted.
A few weeks ago he was quite delighted,
He'll look like a pig at the New Cattle Show.
They go on the bridge instead of going under,
Perhaps dance on the viaduct, or else it's a wonder,
Gog and Magog won't stand it, they bawl out like thunder,
And weep for the good old show.

God bless the Queen, for her we may mourn,
But we think she might give England a turn,
And then perhaps she might something learn
By going to the Lord Mayor's Show.
Such sights as these enliven the nation,
Puts trade into hands, and keeps off starvation;
And every man ought to have a good situation,
So to visit the Lord Mayor's show.

Some is fond of a load of oatmeal & cabbages,
Some take a delight in the bare legg'd savages,
While England crime and poverty ravages,
So welcome the Lord Mayor's Show.

H. Disley, Printer, 57, High Street, St. Giles.

SOURCE: Curiosities of Street Literature, London, Reeves and Turner, 196, Strand, 1871.