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The Sentences of all the Prisoners



Richard Mitford, alias Captain Stracy, for forgery; William Adams for cutting and maiming; William Callaghue, for returning from transportation; Samuel Wilson, Isaac Knight, and James Simpson, for horse-stealing; Samuel Greenwood, John Bridgeman, Robert Ramsey, Thomas Gordon, William Milton, and John Levy, for highway robbery; Thomas Hayes, William Williams, Joseph Williams, Francis Waddel, Mary Gyngell, Daniel Coltrel, John Brown, Walter Blanchard, Alexander Brown, Frank Purdon, William Corbett, alias Watson, Charles Robinson, and Joseph Mackarell, for stealing in dwelling houses; William Reading, for burglary; Edmund Mustoe, James Gardner, William Bright, and George Vergenton, for robbing near the highway; and John Partier, John Roberts, and Stephen Tool, for burglary.

During the time the Recorder was passing sentence of death, the culprits behaved with great propriety. The prisoner, R. Mitford, alias Captain Stracey, for forgery, was attired in a very elegant manner, his youthful and very gentlemanly appearance interested every one present in his lamentable situation. He is the son of a Clergyman. Holland, King, and North for an unnatural crime 


John Boyle, Cornelius Reading, Joseph Haybury, John Lewis, Thomas Trinder, William Smith, John Strange, and Thomas Harris,


Thomas Luby, T. L. Robinson.


William Garrard, Matthew Fennett, James Hicker, James Nicholas Moore, Eliza Davis, David Davis, otherwise Barnard, Rosina Davis, Thomas Long, James Moore, Julia Witherell, Mary Mushton, Christopher Gromer, Edward Fordem, Harriet Wyse, Thomas Jefts, William Needham, Edward Ford, Sarah West, James Harris, George King, Elizabeth Bool, Mary Smith, James Kellerin, William Tuck, John Mackay, George Hilsey, Luke Higgins, Joseph Hunt, George Wiggis, William Jupennan, John Williams, John Card, Hedges, and Willoughby.

—Imprisoned two years, and kept to hard labour.—  Thomas Williams, John Pavey, Robert Wilson, John Bankes, and William Tuck, the two latter to be publicly whipped. — Imprisoned one year and kept to hard labour — John Haughton, Joseph Johnson, Joseph Moore, Thomas Letford, Eliza Godfrey, Bridget Callagan, Thomas Burke and William Coulson, — imprisoned one year in Newgate. — Mary A. L. Butler, —— imprisoned six months and kept to hard labour. — Thomas Best, Eleanor Jackson, Mary Barnes, John Hitchen, Sarah Jones, Thomas Griffiths, Eleanor Smith, P. H. Nielle, Ann Hay, Harriet Lee, Richard Spragg, Joseph Thirk, William Jones, James Sidebotham, Thomas Jones, Charles Askew, and James Easthill.
Catherine Rouke, John Gidling, John Wignal, and George Malsby, for felony, to be imprisoned for six months in the House of Correction, and kept to hard labour .— M. Gerard, W. Mayne and M. Pedlard for minor offences, to he fined one shilling and then discharged.— W. Smith and Ann Aldridge for felony, to be imprisoned two months in the House of Correction, and kept to hard labour during that period. — H. Browne, for a felony, to be publicly whipped, and kept to hard labour in the House of Correction for one year. — John Smith and Eliza Lewis, for felonies, to be imprisoned three months in the House of Correction, and kept to hard labour. — T. Worcester and John Jones, for felonies, to be publicly whipped and kept to hard labour for three months in the House of Correction. — Edmund Barber and William Burrell, for a misdemeanour, to be imprisoned six months and kept to hard labour during one month.
Judgement respited on John Parkes, James Hicker, James Nicholas Moore, (whose father is sentenced to transportation) and Thomas Wilbraham.
An immense number were sentenced to various minor periods of imprisonment, some to be publicly and some privately whipped. — A considerable number were discharged by proclamation.

The number of prisoners tried this Sessions has been between 400 and 500. Adjourned to the 23rd of October.

London:  Printed by Charles Pigott, 52, Compton Street, Clerkenwell.

SOURCE: Curiosities of Street Literature, London, Reeves and Turner, 196, Strand, 1871.