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Maps of London

London Maps, County, UK

Map of the Environs of London
Published 1832.

Central London
Environs of London - 1832
Inner North South

London - Published 1819

Environment of London
Large file: 1.5MB

Map of London Toll Gates

Toll Gates
Toll Gates, 1857

Plan of the Royal Palace of Whitehall, [1680]

Plan of the Houses of Parliament
House of Commons, 1843, 320K
House of Lords, 1843, 320K

London Underground, 1912

London Docks - 1921 West East

Royal Albert Dock Extension (New Dock) 1921 West East

Tilbury Docks, 1921

London Road Map, 1926 (Detail, Central)

London Road Map, 1926 (Detail, North Central)

London Road Map, 1926 (Detail, South Central)

Cycling Map of London (Detail, North) 2MB

Cycling Map of London (Detail, South) 2MB

Isle of Wight, 1804

Map of Sydney, Australia, 1833

Map of the Environs of Sydney, Australia, 1833

Map of New South Wales,[Eastern] Australia, 1833 1.2MB

Map of New South Wales,[Western] Australia, 1833 800K

Map of the Vicinity of London, 1897, (500K)

Map of Middlesex, (early 19th c.)

Fire in Bishopsgate Street, 1765

Wren's Plan for rebuilding London

Map of Guildford Town, early 19th c.

Ward/Parish Maps

Aldersgate / St. Martins


Parish of St. Ann

Baynards Castle Ward & Faringdon Ward Within

Billingsgate & Bridge Ward within

Breadstreet / Cordwainer

Broad Street & Cornhill Ward

Candlewick & Langborn Wards



Limestreet (1)

Limestreet (2)

St. Mary Rotherhith

St. Olave and St. Thomas Southwark

Southwark, early 19th c.



Walbrook / Dowgate

Boundary Commission Maps, 1885.

London Borough Maps

Battersea & Clapham [Northern section]

Battersea & Clapham [Southern section]

Bethnal Green

Camberwell [Northern section]

Camberwell [Southern section]

Finsbury [Eastern section]

Finsbury [Western section]

Hackney [Northern section]

Hackney [Central section]

Hackney [Southern section]

Islington [Northern section]

Islington [Southern section]

Kensington [Northern section]

Kensington [Southern section]

Lambeth [Northern section]

Lambeth [Southern section]


Middlesex [Eastern]

Middlesex [Western - North]

Middlesex [Western - South]

Mile End Old Town



St. Pancras [Northern section]

St. Pancras [Southern section]

Poplar [Northern section]

Poplar [Southern section, including London Docks]

Shoreditch [Northern section]

Shoreditch [Southern section]

Southwark [Eastern section]

Southwark [Western section]

Tower Hamlets [Eastern section]

Tower Hamlets [Western section]

West Ham

Westminster [Eastern section]

Westminster [Western section]

Westminster [Southern section]

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