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Source: Bell's Weekly Messenger, No.1779, Sunday, May 2, 1830.

Fashions for May

(From The World of Fashion)

Morning Dress. A robe redingote of rose-coloured gros des Indes; the corsage is made to sit close to the shape, and is finished at the throat by a very full rúche of blond lace; a row of pates, of the same material as the dress, and of a demi fichu form, goes down each of the corsage in front, and descends from thence en tablier to the bottom of the skirt; they are edged with narrow blouse lace. Sleeve á l'Amadis, surmounted by a full epaulette manchettes, of blond lace, turning back. Hat of glazed gros de Naples; it is of rose-colour, and is worn over a small blond cornette; it is trimmed under the brim with noeuds of gauze ribbon, to correspond. The crown is adorned with ostrich feathers, the colour of the hat, which are placed in different directions.

(From La Belle Assemblée.)

Evening Dress.—A straw-coloured crape dress, over a gos de Naples slip to correspond. Corsage uni, cut low and square, and trimmed with a falling tucker of blonde de Cambray. Béret sleeve, finished en manchette, with the same sort of lace; a noeud of gauze ribbon, to correspond in colour, is placed in front of the arm. The skirt is trimmed with a most superb flounce of blond de Cambray, headed by a cluster of narrow rouleaus of satin to correspond with the dress. The trimming is raised a little, in the drapery style, on the left side, and adorned with two bouquets, each formed of a single flower, with buds and foliage. One of these bouquets terminates the trimming, where it is arranged in drapery; the other is placed at some distance below the first. The head-dress is a crape hat of a shade darker than the dress. The inside of the brim is finished next the face, in a very novel manner, with gauze ribaud. The crown is adorned with white feathers placed in different directions, some of which pass through openings made in the brim, and partially shade it. The jewellery worn with this dress should be a mixture of gold and pearls.

From the Lady's Magazine

Full Dress.—The skirt is of blonde gauze. The sleeves and flounce are richly figured with a white pattern; but the bouquets embroidered above the deep flounce, are in the most delicate shades of white silk variously tinted. The fall around the bust is of French blonde. The corsage of white satin, made plain and tight to the shape both in the back and front. The beret sleeves, beneath those of blonde gauze, are of white satin and exceedingly full. The long sleeves narrow a little towards the wrists. but were never made fuller at the top. The belt is of plain satin, corded, at the edges. The hem of the white satin dress appears below the flounce; it is very much puffed so as to give a great richness to the finish of the costume. The arrangement of the hair is new and beautiful; braids are wound over one high bow, with two folds. A delicate silver sprig is the sole ornament of the head, excepting a long blonde scarf, which is gathered slighly on the top of the bows of hair and falls on each side nearly as low as the knees. This head-dress is called en barbe, and the Parisian ladies have gradually increased the ends to this length. Necklace, ear-rings, and bracelets of wrought silver and gold. Bouquet of spring flowers.

From the Gentleman's Magazine of Fashion.

A New Morning, or rather a Riding Dress.—The coat is a Newmarket front and skirts. The novelty of this coat consists of its having a very neat braided border on the edges. It has pointed flaps at the waist, with three buttons under; the front buttons tight at the waist, with two buttons, leaving part of the waistcoat and cravat in view, the collar. which is broad at the front, turns the breast at the second button. The collar is fastened with a single button. The waistcoat is of printed Marcella, the edges of which are bound with black ribbon. The trowsers are called gaiter trowsers, and are the same as the new regulation of the guards; they fit tight about the hips and knee, are rather loose about the ankles, and have a piece inserted at bottom, in front, which covers the instep like gaiters. A shoe is always worn with these trouser; they can be made of any materials. The shirt is made with a frill, with a round collar, which is quite round and not with points

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