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Source: Bell's Weekly Messenger, No.1801, Sunday, October 3, 1830.

Fashions for October.

(From the World of Fashion.)

Morning Visiting Dress.—A high dress composed of India muslin, corsage en chemisette, but with very little fulness, which is arranged in a broad band of rich embroidery round the top; a similar embroidery marks the centre of the bust before. Sleeve a-la-Montespan, with an embroidered eqaulette; the trimming of the skirt consists of a worked flounce, placed close to the border, above which is a rich embroidery surmounted by another flounce, and that headed also by embroidery. Pink crape hat elegantly trimmed with an intermixture, of blond lace, flowers, and rosettes of ribbon. Scarf of pink gauze terminated by noeunds of ribbon to correspond.

(From La Belle Assemblee.)

Evening Dress.—A citron coloured tulle gown over a gros-de-Naples slip, to correspond; the corsage cut very low, and partially covered by one of black glazed satin, which is plain behind, and slopes down on each side of the front of the bust, the stomacher style. The tulle corsage, which is thus partially seen, is disposed in drapery, the folds of which are fastened in the centre by an enamelled pin. Beret sleeve of citron-coloured gros-de-Naples, over which is a long and very wide sleeve of lilac tulle, ornamented on the shoulder with noeuds of very deep citron-coloured ribbon, with long fringed ends. The hair is much parted on the forehead, and disposed in ringlets, which fall on the neck; it is arranged in a low, single bow behind. A very large rose, with buds and foliage, is placed close to the bow on the right side. Pearl necklace and ear-rings, enamelled gold bracelets, and ceinture buckle; the latter extremely massive. Cedar fan, painted in a wreath of flowers.

(From the Gentleman's Magazine of Fashion.)

Morning Dress.—This frock coat is of sky blue Saxony cloth; the skirts are lined through, and also the body, with rich French white satin; but silk serge, the same colour as the coat, may be used if preferred. The make of this coat is a complete rolling collar from the waist; there are no buttons or ornaments on the breasts, but it is fastened at the waist by a small buckle and strap. The waistcoat is of Terry velure, with broad satin and velvet stripes : it has three dead gold buttons at the wrist, and is made with a shawl or rolling collar, which falls just within that of the coat : this waistcoat is not bound. The trowsers are of kerseymere, and fit the shape tightly to the calf of the leg, where they gradually widen to the bottom; they are made with gores at the side-seams, and have a strap at the bottom.

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