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Source: Bell's Weekly Messenger, No.1770, Sunday, February 28, 1830


(from La Belle Assemblée.)

Source: Bell's Weekly Messenger, (No.1770, Sunday, February 28, 1830)

MORNING DRESS.— A Gros-de-Naples, a shade between lavender and lilac; the corsage sits close to the shape, is made quite up to the throat, and fastens behind imperceptibly. Tight long sleeve, with a very full upper sleeve, which comes nearly to the elbow. The ruffles are of embroidered muslin, and of a new form: they are composed of two rows each, set on full; one turns upwards, the other falls over the hand. A black velvet bracelet, with a gold clasp, divides the ruffle. The trimming of the skirt consists of two rows of very broad rich feather-fringe, corresponding in colour with the dress; the rows placed very near each other. The collarette is worked to correspond with the ruffles: it is of the pelerine form, but of a small size. Morning cap, a high full caul of English lace, the fullness divided by rouleaux of satin, edged with narrow lace. A bouquet of roses is placed rather to the right side, and some single flowers are interspersed among the rouleaux. The strings, which are of broad gauze ribbon, hang loose.

(From the World of Fashion.)

Evening Dress.— A dress of blue gros de Tours. The corsage is cut very low, the back sets close to the shape, the centre of the bust is also plain, but the sides are disposed in folds; it is finished round the top with a full fall of blond lace, headed by a double quilling of blond net. The sleeve is of the double béret form, it is terminated by a fall of blond lace. The trimming of the skirt is very broad blond lace, disposed in waves; it is headed by a rouleau of the same material as the dress, interspersed with nœuds. The hair is much parted on the forehead, dressed in a profusion of light full curls on each side, and very high behind. The coiffure consists of a bird of Paradise placed on the left side, and a superb bandeau of gold and pearls.

(From the Gentleman's Magazine of Fashion)

GENTLEMAN'S Dresses.— For evening dress, black and bottle-greens are still the colours much worn; the collars and lappels are more flowing, and cut larger than they have been for some time past; they are rather peaked in front, with a disposition to "trim" outward. The sleeves are worn rather larger and longer; the cuffs are broader and have but one button. The sleeve-tops are full, but without puckering.

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