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Source: Bell's Weekly Messenger, No.1839, Sunday, July 3, 1831.

Fashions for July.

(From the Ladies' Museum)

Carriage Dress.—A jaconet muslin dress, the corsage is made to set close to the shape, and trimmed round the upper part of the bust, with a fall of embroidery set on rather full, and a row of pointed embroidery put plain round the top. The sleeves are of the usual form, but embroidered in a style of peculiar richness. Bonnets of rich rice straw, trimmed on the inside of the brim with rose colour and white blond-gauze ribands, arranged in a full knot, the long ends of which flow loosely. A bouquet of roses and noeuds of riband, adorn the crown. The shawl is China crape, disposed en echarpe.

(From La Belle Assemblee.)

Dinner Dress.—A dress composed of gros-de-Chine; the colour, a new and singularly beautiful shade of yellow. The corsage is plain behind, and disposed in cross drapery in front; it is cut something higher than usual, and displays very little of the chemisette, which is of blonde lace. Beret sleeves of moderate width, and very short, with long sleeves, a-la-Rheine, over them, composed of white gaze de Soie, and terminated by a ruche of blond net. The head-dress is a toque composed of very dark violet crape. A bouquet of white ostrich feathers, with a knot of ribbon at its base, is placed under the brim on the left side, and two large feathers attached to the right side of the crown droop to the left over the brim. The jewellery should be of burnished gold.

(From the Lady's magazine.)

Caps.—Morning caps are with slight mobs, and are a little in the form of those of Mary Queen of Scots. British lace is the material preferred. Blonde promenade hats are worn with very little variation in evening dress. A few bows of blonde riband, mixed with tufts of cut riband, from which spring numerous little esprit plumes of small birds feathers, are at present the principal novelty.

Hair.—Natural curls are coming into favour; but the hair is still arranged in high bows on the crown. Bands a la Ferroniere are on the decline but in their place leaves of minute flowers are worn across the bow.

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