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Bell's Weekly Messenger, No.1782, Sunday, May 23, 1830.


On the 18th inst. at Cheltenham, the Lady of Lieut.-Col. W. R. GILBERT, of a daughter.

On the 15th inst. at Ropergate House, Pontefract, Yorkshire, the Lady of F. LEATHAM, Esq. of a son and heir.

May 11th, at Stoke Park, near Clifton, the Lady of G. H. AMES, Esq. of a son.


On the 16th inst. at St. Pancras Church, by the Rev. J. Brackenbury, Mr. THOMAS COLLIER, of Woolverhampton, to Mrs. ELIZABETH TRANTER, of London.

On the 18th inst. at St. George's, Hanover square, W. WHITMORE, Esq. to CHARLOTTE, eldest daughter of the late G. NORMAN, Esq. of Bromley Common, Kent.

At the New Church, Mary-le-bone, the Rev. F. G. BURNABY, second son of Col. Burnaby, of Rotherby Hall, Leicestershire, to ANNA MARIA, second daughter of J. ATKINS, Esq. M.P. of Wimpole street, and Halstead place, Kent.

At Leicester, Mr. J. ROUGHTON, merchant, of Oporto, to MARY WALKER, second daughter of T. WOOD, Esq. of the former place.

On the 18th inst. by special license, at Hampto Lodge Brighton, Sir R. N. C. RYCROFT, Bart. to CHARLOTTE ANNE JOSEPHINA, eldest daughter of W. TENNANT, Esq. grand-daughter to the late, and niece to the present Lord Yarborough.

On the 20th Inst., at Floore Church, Northamptonshire, G. MILLER, Esq. of Goudhurst, Kent, to ANNE AUGUSTA, eldest daughter of R. PACK, Esq. of Floore House.


On the 16th inst. in the 78th year of his age, the Rev. J. HOLMES, of Thirsk, one of the oldest and most revered Beneficed Clergymen of the Archdiocese of York.

At Jedburgh, on the 16th inst. after a few days illness, the Rev. Dr. SOMERVILLE, in the 90th year of his age, and the 63d in which he had discharged the active duties of a Minister.

Lately, at Abbeville, in France, the Abbe BERTIN, LL.D age 82, five-and-twenty years resident at Oxford.

On the 16th inst., at Mitcham, Surrey, deeply regretted by her family and friends, MARIA the wife of G. BARTLEY, Esq. of Marlborough place, Walworth.

At Worthing, on the 17th inst. universally lamented by all who knew him, the Hon. W. H. IRBY, only brother of the late Lord Boston.

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