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Source: Bell's Weekly Messenger, No. 1846, Sunday, August 21, 1831.


On the 13th inst., at Great Myless, the Vicountess Chetwynd, of a daughter.

On the 16th inst. Mrs. Warren, of Highbury-place, of a son.

On the 16th inst. at Lodge-road, Regent's-park, the Lady of H. M. Bunbury, Esq., of a son.

On the 19th inst., at Mill-hill, Hendon, Mrs. Rhodes, of a son.


At all Souls Church, in the parish of Mary-le-bone, the Right Hon. and Rev. Lord C. Paulet, second son of the Marquis of Winchester, to Caroline Margaret, daughter of Sir J. Ramsden, Bart., of Byram, in the County of York, and niece to the Dowager Marchioness of Hertford.

Aug. 13, at St. Paul's, Covent-garden, Mr. G. Robins, of the Piazza, to Miss Marian Losack, of Alfred-place, Bedford-square.

At Twyford Church, on the 16th inst. Henry, second son of Lord W. Seymour, to Jane, youngest daughter of the late T. Willan, Esq., of Twyford Abbey, Middlesex.

On the 15th inst. at the parish church of St. Mary-le-bone, William Henry Baron Von Donop, of Woebbel, in Westphalia, to Frances Mary, eldest daughter of Rear-Adm. Sir E. Hamilton, Bart. K.C.B.


On the 10th inst. J. Dowler, Esq., in the 74th year of his age.

At his house at Ball's Pond, Islington, in the 85th year of his age Mr. J. Edwards, formerly Professor of Mathematics, Royal Marine Artillery.

On the 13th inst. at Margate, Francis Cobb, Esq., in the 73d year of his age.

On the 16th inst., at his house on Stamford-hill, Sir D. Williams, Knt. Colonel of the 1st Royal Regiment of Tower Hamlet Militia, and a very active police magistrate of Lambeth-street police-office, Whitechapel, for more than 32 years, in the 79th year of his age.

In Regent-street, Sir H. Innes, of Lochalsh and Coxton, Bart. M.P. for the county of Sutherland, in his 68th year.

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