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Public Charities, Hospitals, Endowments.

Source: New Picture of London, Printed for Samuel Leigh, 18, Strand; by W. Clowes, Northumberland Court. 1819


Christ's Hospital

Charter House

Westminster School

St. Paul's School

Merchant Tailor's School

Harrow School


Public Charities, Hospitals, &c.

The public charities, hospitals, and various institutions, many of them combining INSTRUCTION with protection and correction, in and about London are very numerous; and even many of those which we shall seize the opportunity of noticing here, are of so mixed a character, in order to extend benefits to almost all possible cases of want, as to defy distinct and separate classification.

Foundling Hospital


The Asylum

School for the Indigent Blind

Deaf and Dumb Asylum

Clergymen's Widows and Children

Benevolent Society of St. Patrick

Welsh School

Greenwich Hospital

Chelsea Hospital, or College

The Royal Military Asylum

Hospitals for the Sick, &c.

These institutions are of vast extent and importance. They afford relief to the sick and diseased poor, and at the same time constitute important schools for education of persons in the art of medicine and surgery. During the winter seasons, as will be hereafter more particularly detailed, there are regular courses of lectures delivered at each of the great hospitals, to hundreds of youth who come to London "to walk" or study at these institutions. 

St. Thomas's Hospital

Guy's Hospital

St. Bartholomew's Hospital

Bridewell Hospital

Westminster Hospital

Middlesex Hospital

London Hospital

Small Pox Hospital

The Queen's Lying-in Hospital

British Lying-in Hospital, Brownlow Street

City of London Lying-in Hospital, City Road

Westminster New Lying-in Hospital

Other Similar Institutions

Bethlem Hospital

Hospital of St. Luke

Miscellaneous Hospitals, &c.


Miscellaneous Charities.

There are sundry other benevolent institutions, which promote the objects comprehended in the preceding establishments; but as they are of so extensive a character, extending relief to the apparently drowned, starving, or vicious; and to those who are liable to be exposed to such miseries, they cannot well be confined within any definite classification. Some notice of them, however, is absolutely necessary.

Royal Humane Society

Small Debts Relief Society

The Philanthropic Society

The Marine Society

African Institution

National Benevolent Institution

Sion College

Miscellaneous Societies

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Source: Leigh's New Picture of London. Printed for Samuel Leigh, 18, Strand;
by W. Clowes, Northumberland Court. 1819