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to the Thirty-sixth Volume of the 
Sunday and Monday Editions of

Bell's Weekly Messenger

For the Year 1831.

N. B. —
"S" stands for Sunday Edition
"M" for Monday Edition.

All foreign Intelligence alphabetically arranged under the letter "F".

For Irish News, see IRELAND. — For Scotch News, see SCOTLAND.


Sabbath Protection Society, meeting at the White horse tavern, Holborn, s 335.

Sailing match, in honour of the coronation, s 296.

Sailing Society, meeting at Oliver's coffee house, s 321.

Sailors' Asylum and Sailors' Rest, anniversary of both, at Exeter hall, s 170—m 174.

Savings banks, amount of deposits, s 30, 85—m 30, 88—Statement of J. T. Pratt, Esq. s 337—m 340.

Schoolmaster, singular march of, s and m 408.

Schools of Anatomy, programme of the bill, s 405—m 400.

Scotch Church, Regent street, singular proceedings at, s 335, 342, 366, 406 —m 337, 348, 369, 380, 406.

Scotch Hospital, anniversary of the society, s 386—m 385.

SCOTLAND.—Robbery at the Glasgow bank, s 3—m 6—Cruelty of Murray and his wife to their children, s 6—m 3Violent attack on the Lord Advocate, s 27—m 32—State of the iron trade, m 29Destructive flood on the Clyde, m 56—Examination of the Rev. Mr. M'Caig for theft, s 96—Mrs. Wingate and her daughter poisoned at Carlton, s 112—m 109—Relics of Mary Queen Of Scots discovered in draining Loch Leven, m 109—Trial of Daniel Kelly for murder, s 155—m 156—Fire on a common near Paisley, s 174—m 176—Singular and horrid acts of a maniac, s and m 182Conviction of a clergyman for theft, s 187—m 190—Trial of seven rioters' at Edinburgh, s 197—m 200?—Outrage of the Terryalts at Sangerhar, s and m 206—Murder and suicide of a man and his wife at Perth, and disturbance at Girvan, in Ayrshire, s 236—m 238—Execution, of George Gilchrist at Glasgow, s 248—m 250—Fire at Ardkinlass house, s and m 29[?]—Murder of Mrs. M'Gibbon, s 321—Committal of three men for murdering their wives, s 338—m 336—A man killed on board a steam-boat on the Clyde canal, s 339—m 335—Four men drowned at Cromarty harbour, s 342—m 346—Trial of George Water for the murder of his son, m 364—Trial of James Gow for the murder of his wife, s 369—m 372—Murder of Matty Geddes at Cramond bridge near Edinburgh, s 392—m 394—Uproar among the wives of Methven, s 407—m 410—Trial of the Earl of Mar for an assault, s and m 408—Destruction of an anatomical theatre at Aberdeen, s 410—m 408.

Scott, Sir Walter, sale of manuscripts, s 263—m 266.

Seamen and Soldiers, society of, s 160—m 155.

Seamans' Hospital, meeting at the London tavern, s 93—Number of patients admitted, s 113—m 117.

Select vestries, meeting at the Freemasons' tavern, s 29 m 32.

SESSIONS.— Admiralty.ThomasEwett and James Madden for murder, s 193—m 198.

Old Bailey.—Lewin for theft, and the remark of a juryman at the severity of his sentence—Thomas Furby, B. Beattie, and F. Smith for forgery, s and m 13—W. Andrews and G. Vinson for robbery, and J. Clement for forgery, s 13—m 14—W. King and J. Morris for an assault, s 14—m 11—Trial of Carlisle, and sentence on all the prisoners, s and m 19—Tria1 of Mr. St. John Long, s 61, 67—m 62—John Field for attempted fraud, and Wilcox, Smith, Cartwright and Perkins for coining, m 26—Sentence on all the prisoners, s 67—m 68—T. M'Gill for bigamy, and Flannagan and Spraggs for burglary, s and m 118—G. Widgett for sheep-stealing, E. Stenningford for stealing a child, J. Broach for stealing in a house, Margaret Maitland for theft, and Joseph Moulding for a threatening letter, m 118—Sentence on all the prisoners, s and m 126—R. Owens and M. S. Reilly for fraud, s l39—m 142—Sentence on Ikey Solomons, s 146, 157—m 147—Thomas and Edward Gallagher, M. Moran and Anne Moran for murder, and Samuel Dexter for murder, s 156—m 158—Sentence on all the prisoners, s and m 163—Joseph P. Stevens for robbery, and W. Smith for fraud, s 171—m 170—Mary Regan for theft, s and m 171—W. Young for housebreaking, Anne Hyde for theft, J. Baggott for crim. con. and robbery, J. H. M'Cabe for robbery, James Irving for an assault, and James Coles for uttering, s 216—m 214—Sentence on all the prisoners, s 222—m 224—Mary Flynn for an assault, s 231—m 230—Robinson and Milton for robbery, Joseph Bailey for theft, W. E. Roulette, a French woman, for robbery, John Arnold for burglary, Samuel Green for maiming, Joseph Carter for horse stealing, George Bailey, his wife, and John Forecast for coining, James Robinson for robbery, and Thomas Bateman, Eliz. Bateman and Joseph Lill for robbery, s 298—Sarah Hunt, a nurse, for cruelty to a pauper, and sentence on all the prisoners, s 396—m 308—J. S. Gower, Wm. Rowland and D. Morgan for a conspiracy, s 337—m 338—Edward Scott and J. Davis for burglary, s 340—m 338—Sentence on all the prisoners, s and m 343—Thomas Davis for robbery and John Rossiter for fraud, s 348—m 342 —Bishop, Williams and May for Burking, s 381—m 382—Confession of Bishop and Williams, and reprieve for May, s 382—m 384—Mr. Milbourne v. the parish of St. Pancras, s 385—m 386—John Jones and Samuel Canning for theft, Dennison for burglary, Lydia Lucas, and Charles Kemp for theft, s 388—Thomas Hague for perjury, and sentence on all the prisoners, s 394—m 395.

Surrey.James Dunnett, a coach cad, for assaulting a young woman, 16—m 11—J. Lee, Esq. and the parochial authorities, s 19—m 21—Trial of the Rev. Robert Taylor, s 221—m 222—Richard North for stealing poultry, s and m 337.

Sessions House, fees of the court to be abolished, s 70.

Shakspeare, will of the late, s and m 195.

Sheriff of Surrey, order of the House of Commons to produce the number of writs issued for the borough of Southwark, s and m 273.

Sheriffs, the appointment of, s 46—m 360.

Ship, of small dimensions and singular materials, s 257—m 260.

Ship, launch of an iron one, at Paisley, 37—m 40—Of the Thunderer at Woolwich, s and m 305.

Ship-owners, meeting at the City of London Tavern, s 192, 397—m 192, 401.

Ships, sale of, by auction, at the Navy office, s 125 m 128.

SHIPWRECKS.—Of the Alexander and 11 men on the Goodwin sands, s 11—m 12Of the brig Quixote, off Jersey, s 40—m 38—Of a boat with seven men and a woman, near Annagassan, s 52—m 56Of the smack Czar, s and m 56Of three fishing-boats and their crews, s ib—Of the Thetis frigate and 20 of the crew, m 56, 63—m 52Of the Lavinia on the Humber, m 61Of the Frolic steam-vessel and 40 or 50 persons, s 101 m 104Of a fishing-boat and eight men on the Tay, s 117—m 120Of the steam-boat Washington, s 198—Of the Rothsay Castle and the crew and passengers, s 266—m 268—Of the Lady Sherbroke with 200 passengers, s 282, 311m 284, 315—Of Lord Newborough's sailing yacht, s 288—m 292—Of the steam-vessel Henry Clay and 700 persons, and of the Belmont and Hamilton, s and m 300—Of a steampacket on lake Erie, m 316—Of a boat regatta, and several persons at Valencia harbour, s 362—m 359—Of the St. Patrick steam-vessel, m 385Of an English ship of the coast of France belonging to Don Pedro, the captain and 60 men drowned, s and m 408.

Short stages, to and from the city, their number, s 295.

Siddons, memoirs of the late Mrs., s 186, 195—m 187, 195—Her will, s 260—m 258.

Sidney, Lord, the address of the Woolwich Yeomanry Cavalry to his lordship, m 328.

Silk manufacturers, meeting at Weavers' hall, Basinghall street, s 410—m 412.

Silks, extensive seizure of, s 261—m 266, 399.

Silver coin, amount in circulation, m 176—Quantity found, s 194—m 195—Quantity exported, s 288—m 308.

Sinking fund, state of, s 9, 113, 337—s 16, 117, 340.

Skeleton, recovery of one at Ware-mill, m 298.

Slavery, meeting of the anti-society at Exeter hall, m 136.

Small debts, number of persons discharged by the society, s 120—m 117.

Smith, the Rev. Sidney, witty speech of, s 148—m 149.

Smithfield cattle show, distribution of prizes, m 404—s 412.

Smugglers, fatal affray at Hastings, m 12—Daring act at Dover m 27Seizure of seven tons of snuff at Smithfield, s 52—Desperate affray at Dorchester, s 86.

Snow-storm, severity of, on the western roads, s 43—m 46.

Soap and candles, duty on, s 11—m 16.

Society of Arts, presentation of rewards at Exeter hall, s 170—m 174.

Somnambulism, singular case of a young man, s 183—m 181.

Sons of the clergy, anniversary of, s 162—m 163.

Sounds, rapid communication of, m 104.

South Sea-house, meeting of the shareholders, s 92

Southwark reform dinner, s and m 150.

Spanish Cortes Bonds, meeting at the City of London tavern respecting the payment of, s and m 124.

Speakers of the House of Commons, singular custom of, s and m 194.

Special commissions, sentence on six persons at Reading, s 2—m 5—Sentence on the prisoners at Winchester, s 2—m 56—Confession of Goodman at Horsham, m 5—Sentence on the prisoners at Guildford, Winchester, and Reading, s 10—m 13—Affecting scene at Salisbury, s 20—m 21Trial of Joseph Savil, alias Swing, and Lucy Trollope at Bury St. Edmunds, s 20—m 21.

Special constables, their pay, s 16—How exempt from serving in the militia, s 29—m 32.

Spitalfields schools, number of children in, s 186.

Spiritous liquors, amount of duty on, s 220—m 224.

Statute law, difficulty of understanding, s 295.

Steam-boats, tax on, s 91—m 92—Communication with India, s 188—m 186—Bill to regulate their speed on the Thames, s 267—m 266.

Steam-carriages, wonderful effect of, s 37—m 40—Number on the Manchester rail-road, s 125—m 128—Report of the committee, s 385—m 386.

Steam engines, number in the country, s 190.

Stockholders, their number and dividends, s 33—m 34.

Strahan, Andrew, Esq. will of the late, s and m 308.

St. Dunstan's, description of the new church, s and m 342.

St. George's Hospital, subscription for the building of, s 109.

St. James's workhouse, receipts and disbursements of, s and m 29—Opening of the new entrance to the Park, s 289.

St. Martin's, consecration of the burial ground, s 189—Rates unapplied, s 368—Meeting of the Paving Committee, respecting the alteration in the Strand, s 401.

St. Patrick, anniversary of the society, s 92, 147—m 150—Chapter of the Order held, s and m 337.

Sunday-schools, the jubilee, and distribution of medals, s 284, 297—m 284, 300Their number, and the number of teachers and scholars, s and m 308.

SUICIDES.—Of Wm. Thomas, and of Thos. Carpenter, Esq. s and m 8—Of Samuel Shirley, and of Sarah Randal, s 16—m 11—Of Wm. Ross, of Mrs. Albright, and of Mrs. Kightly, s and m 22—Of Miss C. E. Corson, and of James Grant, a gunner at Woolwich, s and m 32—Of Mary Matrass, s 43—Of James Stamford at Greenwich, s 48—m 45—Of Amelia Squires, s 60—m 63—Of Mr. Stringer and Miss Ward, two lovers, m 64—Of Richard Norton at Leeds, s 85—Of John Holmes in the Borough, and of Mrs. Bradburn at Eccles, s 93Of Sophia Jones at Waterloo bridge, s 96—Of Sarah Jarrett, and Mary Lapworth, s ibm 93—Of J. W. Serjeant, Esq. s 102—Of Sir John Thorold, s 110—Of George Baynes, s 115m 120—Of a young man at Waterloo bridge, and the attempt of a French lady on the Thames, s 117 m ib—Attempt of a young man and a young woman in the Regent's canal, s 125—m 128Of a boy by hanging himself in play, s and m 126—Of Mr. M'Pherson, a woollen-draper on Holborn hill, s and m 128—Of Mr. James Phillips at Exeter, and of Mrs. Maria Broughton. s 128—Of Chas. Philliard, in Old Compton street, s 150—Of Mr. John Bell, in the King's Bench Prison, of John Waile, Esq., and of Thomas Price, s 158—m 155Of James Brice, Esq., of Wm. Enderson at Battersea, and of Abraham Cooper, s 162—m 166The attempt of seven females in one day, s and m 174—Of the Rev. A. Brown, s and m ib—Of a gentleman in Hyde park, s 179—Of B. Greenwood, Esq. a solicitor, s 189 m 188—Of Mr. W. Lockyear, s 192—Of a female incendiary near Canterbury, s l99m 200The attempt of a young man on being detected in a robbery, s 200Of Mr. Halliday in Giltspur street compter, s 208—Of two prisoners in Maidstone gaol, s 224—Of Mr. Wm. Webb, the rope maker, s 234—m 238—Of Martha Emma Gough, a girl 14 years old, s 241Of a lad through gambling, s 251—Of Mr. Samuel Leigh, s 260—Of Mr. J. Faval at Spalding, s 274—m 276—Of the Rev. C. Semple, s and m 274—Of Andrew Roy and his sweetheart Elizabeth Meadley, s and m 276—Of Martha Williams at Earl's terrace, m 276—Of Mr. Thomas Marshall, s 285—Of Dr. Shoolbred at Cheltenham, s 337—m 328—Of Mr. George Mellor at Marston, Bedfordshire, s ibm 348—Of Miss Sarah Howell, and of Thos. Nutting at Knightsbridge, s and m 346Of Mr. Charles Hawkes, a solicitor, s ib—m 347Of a lady at Waterloo bridge, s 348—m 342Of Mrs Eleanor Hammond, s 364—m 359Of Mr. Ward in the Tower, s 378 m 375Of Mary Ann Merritt at Brixton, s 383—m 388—Of Mr. Evans in Caen wood, s 410—m 412.

Sussex, Duke of, his Royal Highness's speech at the trial of Bishop and William, m 384.

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